This is a long time dream came true..We were sitting with our friends, and having my tasting menu style dinner, the idea of this web site became alive..People always ask so many questions to me, about being healthy,how to eat,what not to eat, how to keep weight in control,how to make our life more enjoyable..I think this web site gives me the opportunity to explain everything you want to know.. I find myself lucky that I don’t have to wait a television programs or someone come up with an idea and definition of being healthy to understand what human body needs..

 I born and raised in Europe, graduated from medical school , and work in emergency room and ICU for 10 years.. After came to United States, I finished hospital management master program , and participated in various research programs.. Recently preparing my license exam 8 hours a day, working with my coming book about wellness and healthy life style, and try to built this web site at the same time..If I have any spare time you can find me running on Lake Front..I never give up to learn new things, my life  motto is “If I learn something new today, I feel better “. My long time passions are; gourmet cooking, flower arranging, architecture, weekend antique trips, gardening, painting and sculpture..( I took several Ikebana classes at Japanese Cultural Center.. My Instructer was a Surgeon , and she always told us “we " doctors" appreciate any form of art more than other people. Flower arranging is like a virus, if you get it that you’ll never heal “ . I found out she was absolutely right), 

 There are more than one way to enjoy this web site..You may not try all the recipes, and you may not be interested everything I say or pictured..I can’t tell you how to use this site, of course..But I would like to pass my suggestions: Don’t set your menu or your life through my recipes , there is not one recipe for everyone,instead make it your own, adapt it to your life style, check what’s out there,be curious,try to learn new things everyday,respect what nature puts on the menu (eat seasonal ).. 

Thanks to my husband and friends (especially Mark and Patricia ) for all their enthusiasm, and encouragement, and trusting my abilities..

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