Christmas decor

Red is my all time favorite color, and I like to use lots of reds during Christmas. This big ball shape tree made with lots of hot glued Christmas ornaments ( I think around 300 of them ) I like to use natural material as much as I can. I used real thick white birch branch as a trunk for this tree. Every year I decorate underneath it differently, sometimes lots of moss balls,and christmas lights, sometimes mushroom ornaments and straw animals. 

This is my natural tree, always decorated with straw animal ornaments, pheasant feathers,deers,bear, and
of course my obsession mushrooms. It perfectly completes whole indoor-outdoor scene.

Curious deer is browsing indoor Christmas trees..

Every year we have street Christmas market from Europe, it starts the day Of Thanksgiving (after Thanksgiving parade) through Christmas. It's really fun market that you can find German foods,hot wines, and lots of Christmas ornaments.
The modern-day, mold-blown colored glass Christmas ornament was originally invented in the small German town of Lauscha in the mid-19th century. By the 1890s Christmas ornaments were arrived from Germany and Christmas tree popularity was raised in the U.S.
I have a obsession for Christmas ornaments. I have a huge collection of them (around 1600 pieces). Especially early  animal shapes, clips on glass ornaments ( between 1890-1930 ) are my favorite. Most of the pieces were bought online from Eastern Europe. Every year, I'm adding couple new pieces to my collection from German Market.

Christmas Street Market

This is our "all in one tree" for living room..Between wire ribbon made bows and beat garlands, I tried to put as many ornaments as possible..

Every year decoration around main tree set differently. Some years,with German classics " nutcrackers", some years stuffed teddy bears and dolls..

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