Gift Wrapping



Every year I want to surprise people with our gift..Gift must be exciting, joyful, and interesting.. Has to suitable people's life style, and reflect our interest, too..Couple years ago for Christmas, we decided to make our own "breakfast basket” for our lovely neigbours..First we started with shopping (basket, filler gift which we put coffee, mug, kitchen utensil, poinsettia flowers and evergreens for decoration)..Than we bake scones, mini mushroom-goat cheese tart (I’ll give that recipe soon ), and homemade raspberry-blackberry jam..Filled the baskets,cover with clear foil, and finish with beautiful bow & candy cane..It was a big success, everybody loved them..

Gift wrapping is an art,challange,show your creativity, and caring little details..You have to put lots of thought, labor,and time..Every year big pressure starts around November..I have to pick the theme,color,bows,tags etc..Usually each year I'm picking a theme of the year; some year natural materials (recycling paper, or handmade Japanese rough paper, pine cones (usually comes from our yard), cinnamon sticks, yarn for tightening; some year handmade crafts, interesting wrappings (fabrics, furs instead of paper),attach with little toys, and always finish with candy canes..

This project was fun, but requires patience, and lots of tacky glues..I decorated plain color papers with tons of pompons, and yarns..Perfect for kids, and never grown up adults..

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