How to maintain weight

The top 10 food list  that people choose all over the world:
--- Hamburger
--- Hot dogs
--- Pizza
--- Pasta dishes
--- Steak dinner
--- Ice cream
--- Cookies, pastries and breads
--- Chips
--- Breakfast sandwiches
--- Candy and other sweets with color additives
Isn't it sad, all the items listed above have no nutritional value in our diet.
Then why we are eating them? Because easy to get them in short period of time ( literally, you can find them in every corner, they are always available .your meal will be ready within minutes ) they are warm like real meal,they are cheap, and addictive.

Here are some important facts you need to know.
- A diet high in fat, sugar and salt, leads to weight gain.
- A diet high in fat ( saturated fat is the worst) and high in salt increases risk of coronary heart disease.
- An unhealthy diet increases the risk of depression and mood swings, also link with PMS and anxiety.
- A diet high in additives, preservatives and refine sugar can cause poor concentration, and aggression.
- You can prevent most of the disease that we're dealing with in recent decades just changing your diet and life style   
( modern life disease such as cardiac disease, hypertension, diabetes )
- An unhealthy diet depress your immune system which triggers autoimmune disease.
- An unhealthy diet ( poor in essential nutrients ) puts you risk for depletion of calcium ( osteoporosis ) and vitamins ( especially vitamins B )
- You have to complete your diet with vitamin supplements.
Next section I will explain every step you need to know how to maintain your body weight. Be patient, educate yourself before taking any step forward. I'll promise you,we're going to be end up at Nirvana; eating wonderful,delicious food, feeling full and great when we eat ,never struggling with starving diets again.

Here are some healthy eating tips:

Eat organically grown foods if available
-         Eat fresh vegetables every day
-         Choose unrefined wheat instead of refine white wheat products. Add new grains on daily routine, such as millet, rye, corn, kamut, quinoa etc.
-         Don’t eat same food every day. Add new foods on your diet every week. You can get different nutrition and excitement from your food.
-         Drink real fruit- veggie juices
-         Cut regular salt, instead of that use the sea salt
-         Don’t eat red meat, choose white meat like turkey and chicken (organically grown)
-         Eat more fish (wild caught ) rather than meat or poultry
-         Don’t use sugar, choose honey or agave if available ( it’s natural, plant base sweetener, it’s not going to raise your blood sugar like refined sugar )
-         Avoid animal fat, saturated fat, instead of that choose sesame, corn, sunflower oil , or my favorite Grapeseed oil
-         Eat antioxidant fruit every day, such as raspberry,blueberry,blackberry
-         Eat earthy vegetables as much as possible, such as root vegetables,mushrooms,darker leaf vegetables
-         Be open mind, try new foods if it’s good for you. Try fiddle heads on your salad in spring or nasturtium flowers on your fish..
-         Eat seeds and nuts
Here is the most common question people always ask me: “how are we going to get enough protein, if we are not going to eat red meat “ Let me clear that issue:

 Proteins are essential vital component in our body. But eating too much proteins are not going to be good for you, because your liver can convert this excess proteins to glucose, that will end up by weight gain and poor health.

Meat,fish,poultry,egg,milk are main sources of proteins, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good for you. Because they can be hard to digest , as well as they can carry the antibiotics and other chemicals to your body , that they were exposed when they nurtured. That means,your body has to work harder when digest the meat.

You can get your protein from different sources, such as grains. Many grains are superb protein source for our body.Eg. kamut has double protein content than red meat , or quinoa (ancient Mayan grain), gives more essential protein than meat .If  I ask many people about how are they getting their daily grain ? Answer will be; with breakfast cereal and bread. Which is WRONG. Regular cereal (food coloring,salt and sugar loaded ) are not real nutritional grains, and if breads are not whole grains or unrefined grains, just worthless calories.Our breakfast always includes pure kamut, millet, or corn (just grain itself, most of the natural grocery store are selling them) with soy or almond milk, and lots of berries (whatever available in season,blueberry,raspberry,blackberry ),kiwi,banana, persimmon, and mango slices. What a jump start for a day ? It can fill you easily 4 hours or more, and gives energy for the rest of the day.

All soybean products, such as tofu and soy milk, are good sources for protein.

Your diet must include fish, especially lean, and wild caught fish ( not farm raised) , they are excellent protein source for vitality.

Nuts and seeds (flax, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, Alfa Alfa seeds) good source for many essential vitamins (A,B,C, and E) and minerals (Calcium,magnesium,potassium,selenium,zinc,iron). Don’t eat them too much, because they are high in calories. You can use them as garnish with your breakfast or your meal, just sprinkle them.

Now you are into learning "how to maintain your weight". You can not separate weight maintenance with eating right,cooking right,detox program,regular cardio exercise and meditation. So make sure to read each section,and getting ideas of healthy life style. Before giving you sample menus, I want to give all information and details about healthy eating, because when you learn the fundamental ideas, you can organize,pick your menus by yourself. Everything depends on your selections,the food you eat,the way you cook, the lifestyle you choose,etc.  All I'm trying to show,there are many selections out there,learn,educate yourself,get information from first hand,and make the right decision after that.
Today I like to talk about "why we have to cook" to maintain our weight. Like other doctors I'm a control freak, I really enjoy control in every details when I'm cooking. I can control ingredients , as well as the calories by controlling fat,sugar and salt amount that I use. When I sit on my table, I would like to know, what I'm eating ( organic ingredients ), also how much calories I'm getting. Besides controlling issue, what I like about cooking are:
-- I love having people around the dinner table, chatting,laughing,and enjoying food.
-- I enjoy the creative process of making something different and delicious.
-- No matter how my life gets busy, I will always like to cook something healthy ,nourishing body and soul. ( real food for your needs )
-- There is no better feeling than to have spend the time organizing,preparing and serving a meal that brings smile to faces of my husband and friends.
-- This is the most wonderful feeling to express your love and caring to others.
-- No matter how hectic your lifestyle, there is always quality time for your family which is mostly dinner time. I like to cook with my husband together,while we are discussing our days.  Pick one special day during the week,called "gourmet cooking day ".. Make it really special,pick a menu with your sweetheart,shop just for that dinner,and cook together,laugh together. Food binds people together,that's why everyone ends up in the kitchen at the parties.
Cooking at home can be time consuming, but we can save our valuable time with some tricks. When you buy fresh produces, wash immediately for  two days of cooking ingredients together,dry them, and put in a fridge. It's save huge time when you are cooking.
Find your reasons "why you have to cook", but don't forget there is guarantee you can lose weight with this way.

Cooking at home is a wonderful way to control what you eat. But we all know we can not cook every meal we eat. Here are some tips when you are eating out :
- Pick a restaurant from your trust list. That means you can trust their ingredients and cooking style.. If someone pick
the restaurant for you,go online,check their menu before dinner. That way you can pick what are you going to eat for dinner. Make sure check with your server about their portion size,and cooking style. Always choose grill over a deep fry. Or ask them to be easy on the butter when they are cooking. Never get dressing on your salad, if you want dressing order it on side, that way you can control the amount of dressing.
- Always have a portion size in your mind, before start eating you have to tell your brain and stomach how many pieces you are getting. If you are sharing food with others, always put your portions on your plate once, and don't get second time. Think you have allowance, when you get that amount, you have stick with whatever you had.
- When you are going to party, always take some food with you. If you don't find anything to eat that fit your eating style, you know what you can eat yours without worries. Controlling is the biggest issue when you have a different life style than others.
- Of course we are all human, you have to taste cookies,cakes,other things which not necessary in our diets. But don't forget,just to taste. You have to tell yourself before get a bite, "I'm not going to finish whole box ,just two bites to taste" I guaranteed you are not going to like what you taste. You'll prefer plate of good prepared food instead of those. Think about options,you can get so many nutritious food in that calorie range. Choose wisely.Or other solution; you can bake them in our way with cutting butter,flour, and salt amount, and enjoy them without thinking.
- Drinks have many hidden calories. Be careful when you are choosing your drink. One glass of wine would be perfect for social night, gives 150 calories. Don't pick sugary, sweet cocktails. Choose real fruit juice instead of mixtures. 
- If you are drinking too many coffee or tea,stay away from sugar ,cream, any artificial sweetener. Stay away from calorie bomb syrup,or artificial flavor mixture. You can always use honey as a sweetener.

                                                                                    AFTERNOON HUNGER

Mid-afternoon can be the dangerous time during the day, that you can not concentrate and you are craving something sweet or starchy. You are tempted to down a doughnut, muffin or bottle of soda, if you do just two hours later you feel the same things again.

Your body sends urgent signals for food to boost blood sugar levels. But if you eat a simple carbohydrate snack body usually pours out so much insulin that blood sugar level drop way too low. This results cravings more quick-fix carbs to bring up lagging blood sugar, then whole cycle starts all over again.

Most of the processed snacks pack with lots of calories. Huge percentage of us at least have one snack per day, and this snacks provide a quarter of our daily calories. Usually quickest to grab snacks are the least healthy options.

OK, what can we do for this “ dangerous afternoon attacks”.

-          Eat small meals : Recent research supports the case for eating smaller portions at more frequent intervals, especially for older women seeking to maintain a healthy weight. Scientist compared the fat- burning ability of women in their 60s with women in their 20s. They found that older women burned the same amount of fat as younger women as long as meal contained 250 to 500 calories. But when both groups ate 1000 calorie meals, the seniors fat-burning ability declined significantly. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1997 )

-          Right protein sources: To avoid excess calories and keep blood sugar level steady, a snack or small meal should be included of unrefined, minimally processed, nutrient-rich ingredients. Best advise for a long run energy level, mix of healthy protein, good fats ( monounsaturated or omega 3s ), and complex carbohydrates. Good protein bar can boost your metabolism three times more than carbohydrates or fats. Easy protein snacks can be hard boil eggs, plain yogurt, tuna or turkey salad, smoked tofu, edamame or simply handful of nuts. But be careful when you are eating nuts, because of their calories !!

-          Change the way of thinking about snack: Most people have an image in their mind about snacks such as cookies, or chips and dip etc.. Instead, fresh vegetables make great snacks, such as cherry tomatoes, sliced sweet bell peppers, celery sticks, sliced jicama or steam asparagus.

-          Don’t buy-don’t eat rule: Stack your pantry with healthy option snacks or preparing healthy snacks in advance.



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