Meditation is a way of helping us to see the world which surround us as well as our inner world.. There are so many benefits I can count; meditation, teach us to be calm, improve mental focus, enhance creativity, improve memory, improve sleep, reduce interest in drugs and alcohol, feed the feeling of optimism, increase efficiency at work and school.... Also help reduce blood pressure, reduce anxiety and stress, improve immune system and increase energy...
Meditation must be part of our daily life.. Like in any other skills, meditation works better when practice daily, but with our crazy busy life schedule it seems not realistic.. I usually meditate after my long running exercise, combine with stretching.. Whatever and whenever it will work for you, you'll find out.. Starting meditation is not easy, and not easy to understand what mediation really means, but when you get inside of circle, it will be most rewarding moment.. My husband was the hardest person to teach, and explain how to start, but he is enjoying more than anybody could enjoy right now..

Let start with breathing exercise (use your nose when you inhale, and use your mouth when you exhale)

First Relaxation Exercise:

- Sit in a comfortable position, either on a chair or a meditation cushion.
- Close on your eyes, and focus on your breath. Take a full breath. As you inhale slowly, feel the oxygen flow into your lungs. As you exhale slowly feel your body relax. Feel your body relax more and more when you continue inhale and exhale. Feel your shoulder relax, your buttocks relax, your legs and feet relax, your arms and hands relax. Push tension out from your body ..
- Feel your mind ease, and relax . When you relax, you’ll find your mind, open more and free..
- Slowly let go of any anxiety, tension, fears, and negative thoughts with each exhalation .. Say yourself “I’m relaxing " . Continue this exercise for 5 minutes, or simply when you reach the deep relaxation.. (I explained that part to my husband “your brain is working like a computer, so put everything in your brain (thoughts, fears, worries, etc) into separate files.. Start with cleaning those files one by one.. Delete each one slowly while you are exhaling.. This worked perfect for him .. ) Meditation is a journey; you'll find your way and understand how to practice..

Most of the people choose to close their eyes during meditation. There is no magical time for meditation,you can start  meditating 5 to 10 minutes, and gradually increase the time of meditation 20 to 30 minutes.
Natural setting is a wonderful inspiring place for meditation.We have couple secret places in nature after long running sessions. When you are meditating in natural setting, you can choose trees,birds,or flowers to focus on. If you pick the trees,close your eyes,sit comfortably,knees bend gently,your feet must feel the ground.Be aware of breathing, and think about "what's like to be a tree" .Feel the breeze on your face,feel your roots on the ground,and open your arms like tree branches.Or if you pick to be a seagull,think about "how is the feeling when flying against the wind",feel your connection with earth and sky,feel the breeze on your wings.Empty your mind, and create an image in your mind whatever you want to be.
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