Outdoor - indoor project

This was my first sculpture project, it took whole month to finish it ( literally days and nights, when I start any kind of art project, I can't wait to see finish product ). It was a big scale and very hard project, but the end gave me huge satisfaction and sour hands for a week..
This one shows my respect to Mother Nature. I tried to copy her with my favorite color, red.

One of our favorite art show is SOFA (Sculpture of Fine Art). Last year show was bigger then ever. Reason was not increase the number of artists participated to show, was merged with "Folk Art Show ". All over the world,artists come together for this show,glass artists,sculptress,painters..Such a wonderful opportunity to see their work, and buy a contemporary art or just  inspire..
Here are some pictures from last year SOFA show..

Patrick Dougherty is a genius artist, who is combine his carpentry skills with his love of nature. He is an amazing artist; building a house size structures all over the world with truck loads of tree branches and saplings. We visited one of his exhibition couple years ago. For me, it was the most interesting outdoor installation ever.

Some of these store -bought, plain bird houses covered with Japanese floral print fabrics, some were painted and decorated with stencils. This was part of our farm table decoration during lunch buffet, after that these bird houses and herb planted mini buckets became party favors for our guests.

It took whole weekend to prepare them, but  at the end totally worth it. They were so plain at the beginning, we kept adding little accessories such as mini water buckets or real tree branches to achieve a naturalistic look.

It was a fun weekend project !!
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