Treasure hunt weekends

We found and purchased these terracotta tiles one of our weekends hunt at the auction house located north side of the city. We love architectural pieces,especially old ones that come from historical city buildings. We couldn't find any information about which building these tiles came from,only information we had so far they are belonged 1880-1900 circa.
We trilled to own  piece of history from our city.

They are really heavy pieces, we have so many ideas how to display them. But the most exciting idea we found at the Hyatt Hotel restaurant lobby. They display only two terracotta tiles on stainless steel frame with a minimal-gallery look. We loved that!!

We have another favorite auction house close to our neighborhood..Going to auction and watching the process is amazing,feel like watching whole episodes of "Antique Road Show". Gives lots of new ideas and information about antiquing. Somethimes you can find museum quality pieces, somethimes just simply junk,; you'll never know what you can find in big piles of stuff. Here are some pictures from this weekend auction.

Most of time quality antiques and artifacts come from private collections than the art galleries. Some clues will help you to decide when you are buying whether real antique or  fake.. Backround of owner,how knowledgeable and dependable  the collectors are.Talk with people ,you may get some information, of course do your homework with checking the pieces you interested before auction .
Such as this weekend auction,owner was a Professor of the Art Museum for a long time,he had extensive primitive and tribal art collection. I did buy without hesitation and doubt.
This is not like shopping, is actually hunting,testing your knowledge,pushing boundries for learning,preserving history, recycling and get rewarded at the end with beautiful piece. There is always a history behind the piece you are buying, discover it, read more, learn more about period,contact with other collectors to find out the missing pieces of the treasure. That way you'll enjoy more..

Weekends means are not just going to shopping malls or boring rituals that we repeat without thinking. Every weekend can be interesting, challenging,and of course must include learning something new..These pictures were from one of our weekends joyful trip. 
We visited the Farnsworth house years ago, but still in our mind. Besides I’m a huge fan of Mies’s work, but house by itself was pretty impressive if you consider its 61 years old. It shows exactly how the house architecture supposes to be, showing respect to site and nature without unnecessary details.

The Farnsworth House is one of the most significant of Mies van der Rohe’s works built in 1951, located near Plano, Illinois.  This is the most famous examples of modernist and minimalist architecture. The interior of house is amazingly transparent to the surrounding site, and a perfect example for inside- outside life style. Just few partial walls are dividing the rooms without blocking the views from every angle. Surprisingly uncluttered interior flows together in a harmony.

We especially loved the big tree just front of the house, which Mies was built house around that tree, protecting carefully during the construction.

Finally I can post some of our " farm weekend " pictures. We had an amazing experience with people, animals and different enviroment. We learned a lot in two days, we saw the passion, dedication, and future in farm crew's eyes; right now all of us have respect to organic produces more then ever.

Everybody meets with Flanagan ! They had so many lovely dogs at the farm, but this one was special in every way. He was so excited to see new people around and never left us a minute. Flanagan we all miss you !

Some of our friends were enjoying to picking fresh onions and garlics when on the way back to camping area after the farm tour.

Beautiful rolling hills, secret ponds, rivers and endless wild flower fields.. Before I was thinking "organic farming " is all about fighting with nature, but not any more. Actually they practiced completely opposite way, corporated nature into the farm, created a symbiotic life circle with animals, flowers and plants which could feed each other happily.

Flanagan were teaching to Gigi " how to enjoy the mud bath ".. Transformation was amazing; city dog became a farm dog in 2 days..

They actually didn't build a farm or just a work place, they created an environment that they could enjoy and had fun while working in every minute. Surrounding beautiful hills, trees, bush size wild flowers, ducks, turkeys, wild birds, pigs, horse and of course best quality organic fruits and vegetables..
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