Veggie garden

There is nothing more delightful and exciting than picking a tomato from it’s plant, or try to find more beans hidden under their leaves.. Why we are not eating these fresh vegies all the time? The healthiest and most delicious food comes from local farmers, growers, and maybe our own back yard.. New generation kids have no idea where the food comes from, and it is easy to forget for them ,how to tomato or strawberry grows, while we surrounded by supermarket chains, and highly process food products..
Eating locally means eating seasonally.. Eat most delicious veggies and fruits whatever each season provides.. Don't look for strawberries in winter, or kale and pumpkin in spring.. Be respectful to Mother Nature, enjoy each season whatever provide to our table.. The result is a year of seasonal discovery of new ingredients and dishes, challenge is to cook with whatever nature provides, you will appreciate the food more when you have it.. You have to see our joy and excitement when we find something new, something unexpected at every season ..

Veggie garden idea was never appeal to me , because it looks messy in summer, and deserted in winter; it will steal a valuable place from your flower garden bed, and not a pleasant to look at.. Couple of years ago,  I just wanted to see how they grow and we decided to have a small veggie garden with nice architectural feature.. It took 3-4 months to design fully organic raised veggie garden, and we started to research for the material that we used.. We didn't want to use any chemically treated wood , or soil. We started project with building the wooden boxes ( used non- treated cedar, expensive but worthed every penny ) in different height and shape.. When we finished the boxes, it was time for planting so we decided to wait till next year to finish exterior of them.. First year harvest wasn't that great, but it was our very first veggie garden.. Second year with the spring we finish exterior of the boxes, and started planting zucchini ,cucumber, lots of beans ( yellow, purple, and green ),tomato, strawberry, pepper, lots of salad green ( tasted unbelievable), arugula ,kale and mix herbs.. It was a tasteful season which we can still remember.. This veggie garden gives us a new perspective to respect all the organic farmers, and their produce.. We learned to enjoy worm holes in our leafy greens ,instead of perfect looking veggies and appreciate fully organic produce..
My recipe is for you, please grow something, even in a small window box...

OK, it's spring time again. This weekend, we took advantage of wonderful weather, and prepare the veggie beds for new season. We opened their coverings, and aerated the soil with fork, and added some compost material into soil. I think I'll start planting my seeds next weekend.

Every year we're rotating plants to prevent disease and keep the soil nutritious for each variety. These pictures are from early summer, when plants are still young.

Bean harvest has never been better than this year. Mother nature rewards your hard work generously; everyday you can pick handful fresh beans from your backyard.. Nothing can beat their taste nor satisfies you like your own harvest..

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not..Winter preparation has to be done before it arrives.. I don't just mean preparing jams, jellies, sauce, canned tomatoes etc.. I'm taking about potting bulbs, trimming plants while leaving some of them for winter interest, preparing indoor herb garden for dark days, too..

This year our herb garden is growing crazy, plants are still healthy and vigorous. I wanted to keep some of them for winter, and transplanted into big-shallow container. Instead of having house plant , I always prefer to have fresh herb container in my house. They will not just cheer me up during dark and cold days, same time they will fill the whole house with fresh aroma of basil, parsley, thyme, and tarragon.. Wheels give flexibility to move around for this giant container, either in the kitchen next to me or at the sunny spot rest of the day.

                                                                            SUMMER HARVEST

It doesn’t get more organic or local than vegetables and herbs grow in your yard, whether you have well planned veggie garden or couple of pots in your balcony. Growing your food is complete meditation, there is no such a feeling, when your hand into the soil and pull out your first harvest. Veggie garden doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming, start with a list of fruits, vegetables and herbs you mostly use and like, rest is easy, all you need good quality organic soil and heirloom seeds. Position your veggie beds or pots in a south facing spot where plants will get at least six hours of sunlight.

If you already have edible garden, your summer crops should be ready to harvest. Picture shows our daily harvest from garden, this year heirloom tomatoes are the best, juicy, sweet and delicious.. How real tomato should be taste.. Purple cherry tomatoes never made it to table, they always pick and eat right away.

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