floral arrangement

Holiday floral arrangements must be exciting, creative, and cheerful.. Years ago, one of our Christmas party buffet table arrangements were looked like colorful gift packages, and they were totally a conversation point at the party..

Use wet floral foam ( green big block ) for foundation, soak them in cold water for at least 15 minutes (When the bubbles stop that means foam completely wet and ready ) Place the foam in slightly bigger plate or plastic container to prevent drippings.. Use just same color and same kind flowers, cut their stem very short.. Start to arrange flowers in a row, close each other ,enough to cover the surface. Finish your arrangements with contrast color bow, like a real gift packages.. You have to prepare them day before or for better result same day of your party.. Don't forget to water them every day by spraying ..
This one will be my all time favorite.. This arrangement made for main table for Christmas party.. When I was working with that arrangement, whole house was covered with the smell of roses.. I ordered 250 special roses, used real tree branches as a trunk, and decorated around the arrangement with hedge apples ( found in forest preserve ).. Color contrast with red and apple green was unbelievable..

Here are the foundation tips for that arrangement.. Use big green block of wet floral foam for the body, soak them at least 15 minutes in cold water, until the bubbles stop.. Attach them  together with bamboo skewer, and give a tree shape with big knife ( simply shave the corner )..You can attach the tree branch to thick plywood base with a screw..Stick the whole body on a tree branch.. Cover the foam ( body ) with chicken wire to hold the roses together.. Cut the stem of roses very short, arrange them as much as close each other.. Finish decorating around the arrangement whatever you find or like.. I did it with beautiful color hedge apples and mosses..

Here are some ideas for Valentine's table arrangements.. Lots of different  shades of color roses arranged with eucalyptus leaves and berries. Candle holders used as a container.. Wet floral foam, and chicken wire used for foundations. Romantic table setting finished with candle lights.

This beautiful table arrangement made with oversize, chartreuse color roses and croton leaves.. Body made with chicken wire, and shaped like cornucopia, and covered with croton leaves.. This body sat on very shallow ceramic container which filled with wet floral foam.. Wet foam covered with roses for finishing.. Perfect buffet table arrangement, totally conversation piece..

These are Easter arrangements, made for open buffet style dinner..Natural twigs were used, ( river birch branches are best  for that !! ) as a big bird nest, flower arrangements worked on wet floral foam placed inside of them, and finished with real egg shells and  feathers.. Brightest color flowers were used as much as possible..Pink always goes really good with yellow and orange for Easter..

These arrangements made for graduation party. It was spring, so I used lots of flowers( lilacs,irises) from our garden. Centerpiece arrangements were decorated with soft bows.

Mono color, long stem roses arranged like hand bouquets, put in very large vases.They are resting only one side of the vases,their stems are barely touching the water.Eye catching,very architectural statement in any place.

This giant roses are made on circle cardboard base, whole rose was sitting in the middle,sticked into the hole at the center of the cardboard ,real rose petals attached with tacky glue around it to form a larger head.You can expand the arrangement with this method 6" to 7" circle. They sat into water in tall goblet glasses. Think out side of the box when you are designing, use same material in different shapes.

These arrangements made for a reception party..I used very thin chicken wire as a body and covered it with square shape cut tee leaves.I left some area uncover on the body to give floating affect. Water tubes attached to their neck with monkey grass.Finished the arrangements with beautiful-unusual color anthurium flowers.

These two tall identical arrangements covered with pincushion and blue mosses,between them there are roses,Cymbidiums orchids and wax flowers arranged in wet floral foam. Snow berries used as pearl effect and they are holding the small mums covered balls. 

These are 3 feet tall arrangements, made with Galax leaves covered bi-level dry floral foams,between them lots of natural snowberry branches and chrysanthemums.Galax leaves are very hardy leaves,it's naturally resistant to drying, and can stay with their vibrant color without watering. I pinned Galax leaves top on the dry foam bricks,covered them completely like a fabric. It gave velvety texture to arrangements.
Snowberries are my favorite branches,natural waves on branches gave the purity and natural beauty in these arrangements.

Less is more !! I love the simplicity of these arrangements. Creating the simplicity actually is the most difficult task.
For sides arrangements; I used river pebbles on shallow trays and couple of Cymbidiums orchid flowers in water tubes.I also used full stem of Cymbidiums on the middle- tall arrangement. Monkey grasses natural movements  completed the whole zen picture.

Christmas table arrangement example..

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