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When you are throwing a party, most important part should be a beautiful table.. Of course food must be delicious, menu must be arrange carefully , music and lighting must  complete the ambiance.. When I prepare the table for any party, I pick the theme and color first, then finish with beautiful table cloths,flowers,candles, and decorating objects..
This Valentine table, I decided to go with very vibrant colors, shades of pinks,reds,and purples.. I used mercury candle holders, and lots of votives around them..
Also I used fluffy furs around the candle holders to give the softness, and romance.. Pave style flower arrangements were the crown jewel of  my table.. I decorated the table with real rose petals..

Key to table preparation, you need some toys to play with ..You need to have different color and shape candle holders,candles,votives, elegant color table clothes and plates.. It doesn't mean yhat you need expensive stuff to prepare elegant tables, all you need is good combination of materials.. When you are shopping, you always have to think where to use or how to combine them with the other stuff that you already have .. Check craft stores. dollar stores even home improvement stores.

Valentine's day always big in our home..I know my friends want to have something memorable, something special, something really romantic, not jut another dinner with awful food and service..What could be better than, Intimate, open buffet dinner (with really good food ) filled with games, karaoke songs, interesting ambiance and rose scents.
Another Valentine"s Day Party ideas.. Carefully design open buffet style table was decorated pave roses, and lots of shimmering.. Second table was arranged as appetizer table, and decorated with 4000 tissue paper ( foundation made with chicken wire, and lots of christmas lights ) Starters served at that table, placed between the tissue papers..

This Easter Brunch table surrounded by daffodils,Ester lilies ( smell of spring), and lots of Easter chicks.. Soft colors picked specially for table cloth.. Light blue,pink and yellow gave the calmness, and softness for that elegant table.. Spring breeze was a perfect complement to the whole ambiance.

Another Easter dinner table designed carefully. Colorful tulips arranged like hand bouquets, and placed in moss balls. Top plates decorated with egg shape chocolates sat on hand made tiny bird nests. Easter colors candles completed this beautiful spring table. Menu designed by seasonal vegetables and fish dishes. 

We’re having two good friends birthday party at the same time. So many people invited from both side means “finger food” party to me. When you are throwing appetizer or finger food style party here are some tricks might help you:

-First thing you have to have a check list for everything in your mind. It’s easy to go over the list during the preparation.

-Choose your guest wisely. Invite similar interest people together but at the same time with interesting personality to put little jazz up between them. Famous guests are always a cream on top for good parties.

-One month before; all the invitations must be send by either e-invites or old school way card invitations. Make sure your guest numbers are set 1 week before the party. Don’t forget to ask;  anybody has any food restriction. Also you have to give a sense of dressing code to your guest on invitations.

-Three weeks before: You decide the menu and theme of your party. Usually 7 to 8 appetizer per person will be enough if you are not serving any main dishes. Menu must be interesting and sophisticated. Playful dishes or guest interaction with food are always fun for both sides.

Beautiful presentation is just as important as how delicious the food taste. Which glasses and china are going to be use, which silvers will be use for serving etc. This will give you enough time to order any needs.

-Two weeks before: Check menu carefully, arrange furniture and tables that make enough room to flow for your guest and yourself during serving.

-Choose your play list, music is most important part of your party. Appetizer party can be combine with dancing easily. Set music system one week before party.

-Two days before: Finish all groceries and buy flowers. Finish arranging flowers. Prepare tables with candles, china, silver etc.

-One day before: Finish all the chopping and food preparations. Bake bread etc, and make desserts. Prepare drinks for enough time for chilling. For finger food parties, easy serve (with pitcher) drinks are best such as sangria or margarita.

-Big day: Finish cooking and preparing drinks 1 hour before your guest arrives.

- Don’t forget this is your party but you have to have fun, too.


OK everybody " tis the season " for first " harvest party ". Last year party was a big success with " living table" which we created with trays of ground covers ( now they are growing all over the garden ). Our foodie friends are still talking about the table decoration but tasting menu wasn't easily forgettable either.

This year we want to do something different then regular. We're combining our first harvest party with farm event with overnight camping. It's going to be lots of rhubarb, asparagus and strawberries on the menu. Fully organic farm will provide 800 acres rolling hills, rivers and big camp fire (of course S'mores ! ), early morning yoga ( farm owner is a yoga instructor ), and lots of ducks, chickens and horse.. Of coarse we'll play fun games and listen the interesting stories around the camp fire..

I will post lots of pictures soon !!

This year harvest table looked different than other years. Because of the farm theme, everything  picked carefully from hand crafted olive wood servers to rooster-animal painted ceramics and rooster printed table cloths. Table decorated with our weekend project “ fabric covered bird houses “ and “herb planted mini buckets”. We also continued animal and vegetable theme with our food. Every stage of preparation was fun for this party.
I think the only part to carrying huge buffet table, food, drink, servers for four hours was painful and made me nervous.Our rental RV didn't have a square inch room for moving, it was packed with all the goodies and games..Totally worth the work at the end, We all are still talking and thinking about it.

We can't wait for fall harvest !!

Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner.. I'm posting just pictures right now, explanations are coming soon !

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