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                                                             BAO STEAM BUNS WITH CURRY FISH BALLS
                                                             Makes 8 Servings

Who doesn't like street food ? Especially if freshly baked puff steam buns stuffed with curried juicy, delicious, spicy salmon balls, and lots of fresh vegetables + greens.. Sounds yummy !! Making your own Chinese steam buns at home easier than you think; it's a fool proof yeast dough; roll into rounds, fold it over and steam as is.. It's that easy.. No filling necessary until they hit the table; than everyone can fill their buns whatever they like.. Typically stuff with the similar vegetables - whatever ingredients used in famous Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches - radishes, pickled onion, cabbages, scallion, and cilantro.. I stretched my imagination, stuffed them with curried salmon balls - which is the BEST thing ever - , more curry sauce for moistening the buns - REALLY recipe is all about this homemade curry sauce that you can use it in everything, with this recipe you'll have more sauce than you need, of course you can freeze it for later use-, and rest is pickled veggies and greens.. It is messy - what a beautiful mess -, juicy and unbelievably delicious.. Of course finger licking is required.. Perfect for weekend gatherings and game days or anytime you need insanely delish comfort food..

For recipe please see " sea food " section..

                                                                COLORFUL SUSHI DONUTS
                                                                Makes 9 Donuts
                                                                267 Calories Per Donut

These colorful, playful and joyful sushi donuts are on my to do list for awhile; but for my hubby's birthday dinner when I asked him " what he wants for celebration ", he responded me without any hesitation " donuts, but not just regular donuts something special, something twisted ".. He was thinking challenged me with this " twisted " part, but immediately after "donut " demand, menu was already set in my mind.. With a big smile on my face.. We LOVE & EAT sushi in anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner, we don't have any problem with it.. How about sushi donuts ?? Believe me you can not get any better than this.. If you prepare garnish ingredients in advance - some parts pickled or infused with yuzu - you can put together sushi donuts in no time.. Because of their shape, I compacted everything - all the components of sushi -  stuffed either inside or outside of the rings.. Served them on individual cut nori sheets, stuffed them with avocado + wasabi paste, and garnished with grated beet infused fresh ginger.. Taste ?? Out of this world .. Super refreshing, satisfying and amazingly delicious.. Ohh, of coarse unforgettable too..

For recipe please see " sea food " section..

                                                                     CRANBERRY COBBLER
                                                                     Makes 3 - 6 " Skillet, 6 Servings
                                                                     316 Calories Per Serving

This is the easiest and healthiest fruit cobbler recipe ever !! No of course it's not made with 1 or 2 sticks of butter, or cups of sugar; but still had tons of flavor and texture.. You can use any ripe fruit for this recipe - usually peach is the number one candidate -, I picked cranberries and pomegranate jewels; because of I had frozen cranberries from the holiday season + craved some sweet and sour taste together..Andddd peaches are not in their season..Two different texture and flavor parts make this dessert special; juicy fruity bottom part and sugar cookie / pie crust top come together deliciously.. Especially if you serve them in individual pans, and top with dollop of mascarpone cream or vanilla ice cream, believe me you will reach the Nirvana.. They're amazing for any family gatherings, casual week nights or Easter brunch.. After you taste this heavenly juicy cobbler, you can easily find the occasions.. 

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                         RICOTTA & KALE STUFFED CREPE MANICOTTI
                                                         Makes 8 Manicotti
                                                         245 Calories Per Manicotti

This delightful baked rolls will be my last Easter brunch succession..Rigid tubular pasta -Italian way - or very thin crepes - American way -, stuffed with variety of things, but lots of cheese - , covered with tomato sauce and baked.. This what manicotti is.. Basically baked pasta dish turns into enchilada kind a dish in here.. I actually like crepe version better, because of the lightness, because of homemade crepes healthier than manicotti shells.. I also enhanced their lightness with staying easy on the cheese, but really heavy on the greens-you know my green obsession-; filled these paper thin crepes with lots of kale, spinach, ricotta and fresh mozzarella, than baked in homemade tomato & pepper sauce until cheese is melted.. Ridiculously delicious all in one kind a dish.. You can make stuffed crepes in advance and whenever you need just cover them with sauce + pop in the oven.. How cool is that ?

For recipe please see " breakfast and brunch " section..

                                      RUTABAGA-SUNCHOKE & NAVY BEAN HUMMUS WITH SUNCHOKE CHIPS
                                   Makes 8 Servings
                                   135 Calories Per Serving Without Chips

I love all kind of vegetables but roots have special place in my heart.. I use them in almost every soups, sides, sauces and even in sweets.. If you are looking something light and healthy for weekday lunches -especially on the go - hummus is the answer.. Good hummus=chickpea is not a rule in my kitchen.. I can make this healthy / low calorie appetizer with almost anything.. Lentils, beans, roots, avocados.. This time, I used white navy beans, sunchokes, and rutabaga + tahini, garlic, lemon juice and pepper sauce.. Super flavorful, creamy, smooth spread was amazing by itself but when I served it with sunchoke + rutabaga chips and fresh radishes, ohhhhhhh... It was real heaven.. I simply doubled their flavor and intensely tasted in every bites..You know it's super easy to make big batch of hummus in no time; and you know it will be 100 times better than the store bought ones, you know there won't be any chemicals, preservatives or non-pronounceable ingredients, and you know it's vegan, gluten free + loaded with quality protein beyond just flavors .. So what are waiting for ?

For recipe please see " veggie dishes " section..

                                                                BIANG BIANG NOODLES
                                                                Makes 4 Servings
                                                                370 Calories Per Serving

Chinese Biang Biang noodles ( Biang is describing the sound when noodles are smashing against the counter- NO, I didn't hear that sound, maybe "slap slap " but definitely not " biang biang " )  wide -also known as belt noodles- thick, chewy, hand pulled noodles are really fun to make, and super tasty to eat kind a dish.. You don't need to pasta machine or any rolling skills to make them.. Noodle dough is soft, elastic, and easily stretchable.. When you are cooking fresh noodles, be aware, they can cook only 1 1/2 minutes. Traditionally they mix with hot chili oil, I was easy on this; but if you can handle the heat go for more.. Besides hot chili oil; I mixed noodles with my delightful Thai yellow curry sauce, sautéed leeks and blanched broccolini for extra flavor.. I confidently say, this one was the best filling, satisfying and addictive noodles I've ever had, and now I'm still dreaming about it.. I have to warn you, if you ever dare to try this dish, than you'll be hook to the flavors.. SO GOOD !!

For recipe please see " pasta dishes " section..

                                                                  RED BEET & MILLET CAKES
                                                                  Makes 10 Patties
                                                                  130 Calories Each Patty

Spring is finally sprung here in Midwest.. Garden is thriving, trees are blooming, my birds are chirping.. Spring is always a happy time.. When the season is changed, my eating habit is slightly shifting from beans, legumes to vegetables and tender greens.. Ahhhh, I can't wait to have my salad greens, herbs and eatable flowers; when you grow them organically you know nothing can beat their freshness and taste.. Anyway back to the post, and talk about this flavorful lunch dish.. Generally I love incorporating millet in everything I cook, but these days I'm obsess about this little grain; because I'm trying to eat gluten-free at least 4 days a week.. I've made many millet cakes in last decades, but this one is special.. Millet's earthy flavor perfectly combined with mixture of red beet, spring onion, garlic, lots of green mixture ( YES 6 cups of green; spinach, radish greens, and mustard green ), blue + goat cheese mixture and my favorite spice- turmeric.. This delicious patties can serve on tender green bed with radishes and lemony tahini sauce -don't skip this, even just tablespoon drizzle can make all the difference- Delicate flavor combination is insanely addictive, and delicious.. Of course I'm not mentioning how healthy it is.. This is why it's one of my top " on the go lunch " meal..

For recipe please see " rice dishes " section..

                                                      MATCHA + TURMERIC GRANOLA BAR
                                                      Makes 8 Matcha +8 Turmeric Bar
                                                      288 Calories For Matcha Bar, 295 Calories For Turmeric Bar

Now it's official, we have a spring fever.. Nobody wants to stay inside, we all are trying to find an excuses to spend some time outside either for gardening, running, shopping.. Whatever the reason .. I'm totally with you guys; for me warmer weather means=hiking, biking, sailing, running, any kind of outdoor activities.. I LOVE outdoor workouts, but I have only one little problem in this picture; what I am going to eat when I need extra kick ? Eating healthy can be the biggest challenge during outdoor activities if my backpack is empty.. For this reason I always prepare + pack energy providing protein bars, easy eatable sandwiches etc, than I can purely enjoy me time.. These granola bars are simply the best - believe me, if not it wouldn't be here - they are not overly sweet but satisfying.. One is made with rolled oat, puffed kamut and matcha, other is quinoa, dried fruits, nuts and my fav -turmeric.. I really can not pick which one is better; they have different texture and flavor; soft vs crunchy, chewy vs tender.. Like yin & yang..One thing common for both, eating healthy+life is easy with them, every bites make you happy + energize with lots of different flavors.. They are not just fueling your body, at the same time leaving amazing flavors and taste behind.. How wonderful ?

For recipe please see " breakfast and brunch " section..

                                                                WHOLE WHEAT CONCHAS
                                                                Makes 9 Conchas
                                                                321 Calories Per Concha

Our Cinco de Mayo tradition; eating delicious Mexican food ( for me good excuse for trying different recipes ), music( mariachis are must have ), margaritas ( we barely drink alcohol, but hey it's a celebration ) and some quality time with friends.. I'm celebrating this for whole week with pure authentic Mexican flavors; but I have to warn you, these are not your grannies conchas.. Definitely not.. Normally conchas -also known as Mexican sweet bread- are loaded with butter-sometimes even margarine- and sugar, but these soft pillows are made in health conscious kitchen with just a right amount of butter-sugar content, and natural spice coloring ( turmeric, matcha and blueberry ).. Even though they are short on butter + sugar, still insanely delicious and tasty especially when they freshly baked and warm.. Perfect pair with cup of tea or coffee, and piece of cheese.. Yes, please try them with aged cheddar cheese; this is game changer.. Sweet and salty combination enhance the flavors, and make you come back for another one, and another one...

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                        BUCKWHEAT HUEVOS RANCHEROS
                                                        Makes 4 Servings
                                                        448 Calories Per Serving

If you are like me, and like getting all the essential needs in one pan deliciously, then I have a great recipe for you ! If I don't have anything in my mind for lunch or dinner; then I can prepare and put this meal on the table in no time -but don't forget my fridge is always pack with cooked beans and grains- All I need to do, just combine the flavors + nutrition in a harmony, and of course finish / crown with soft runny eggs.. For me, if any dish topped with soft eggs, it puts me automatically on cloud nine !! This time I combined gluten-free buckwheat groats, black bean, onion + garlic sautéed spinach, whipped feta + yogurt crema, avocado, lots of greens and homemade salsa together. It is so good, nutritious, filling, and best of all it's easy to play with ingredients kind a dish, pretty much recipe is a blank canvas, you can use chick peas, lentils, beans, all kind of wheat, or go with gluten free amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat.. Options are endless.. I'm telling you, whatever your version is going to be; guaranteed, this super healthy meal would satisfy the whole family..

For recipe please see " rice dishes " section..

                                                   GF STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CURD TARTLETTE
                                                   Makes 6-4" + 2 Big Elliptical Tartlette
                                                   225 Calories in 4" Tartlette

So CUTE !! So DELICIOUS !! These adorable mini tartlets are filled with season's delicacies; rhubarb, strawberries, goji berries and lemon juice. It's a classic curd recipe but of course a healthy version one; made with only 2 tablespoons butter and 1/2 cup sugar in all.. For the crust, I made gluten free tart shells with oat, almond, buckwheat, coconut and banana flour.. They're not just eye candy, unbelievably tasty, refreshing, and surprising.. Let me tell you the whole story.. What will happen when you taste them.. If you remember the movie " Ratatouille ", when food critic journalist got the first bite from his meal, he closed his eyes,  no talking, no reaction, pure silence.. Than he mumbled, cried, got another bite, another one, and he said this taste took him to his childhood days..These tartlets have that kind of taste and flavor.. Kind a out of this world taste.. Super delicate flavors will instantly flash back you to the your mama's kitchen, for sure.. You have to have this taste in your life before you die.. Bucket taste list #1..

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                    GALAXY RAVIOLI WITH RAINBOW VEGGIES
                                                    Makes 4 Servings

Here is my secret for making delicious homemade pasta- yes, I'm talking from scratch- every time; just relax, enjoy and have your favorite music on the radio. Making your own fresh pasta is fun, easy - believe me it's taking a bit of time but totally worth the effort - extremely rewarding and strangely most satisfying action you can take in the kitchen.. Sometimes make me thinking, I can trade fresh pasta making with my meditation session.. Other important fact, you'll eat fresh pasta whenever you crave; that means pasta is not going to be quick dinner fix- this will protect you from extra carbs and eating more pasta -; instead you will have very special, fine dining kind a dinner just for occasionally. Of course I'm not mentioning the taste, flavors, nutrition.. This time I challenged myself, push the boundaries; how can I add more veggies, flavors and nutrition in one plate ? I've made three colors ravioli dough - spinach, beet and turmeric - and filled with garlic mushrooms, dandelion greens, mascarpone and cheddar cheese..These plates had only 4 raviolis, but loaded with all other healthy goodies, like carrots, beets, quail eggs, radishes, sunchoke, rutabaga and labneh yogurt balls.. How amazing is this ? Taste is so unique, mind blowingly flavorful, comforting, and  I bet you never had something like that before.. I put extra fresh pasta picture with the recipe, what a beautiful colors.. Make sure eat your colors..

For recipe please see " pasta dishes " section..

                                                      SPICY SALMON POKE BOWL
                                                      Makes 4 Servings
                                                      465 Calories Per Serving

Poke bowl is basically bite size marinated fish salad over a bed of rice, popular in Hawaii, now is a food craze all over the States. The best part, it's really easy to prepare at home and it can satisfy your sushi cravings anytime. I usually make marinated lightly cooked version for winter and sushi kind raw version for summer; either way it's healthy, refreshing, light and mind blowingly delicious. I'm addicting these spicy, tangy, sweet and crunchy bowls, they are that good.. Believe me you need them in your life, you have to try this..

For recipe please see " sea food " section..

                                               UNICORN FROSTED GF CHOCOLATE & STRAWBERRY CAKE
                                               Makes 8 Servings
                                               504 Calories Per Serving

I'm celebrating the berry season with this gluten free healthy chocolate cake that is crowned with mascarpone & coconut whipped frosting.. I said healthy, because not overly sweet as usual, just minimally sweetened, and made with only 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil.. If you're lucky enough to pick your own strawberries, this cake will taste thousand times better.. I baked it in two 6 inches cake pans, and layered them with meringue frosting, fresh berry mixture and pineapple chunks, then covered with my foolproof honey sweetened mascarpone + coconut whipped frosting which colored naturally by matcha, goji berry powder and red beet powder.. This frosting never disappoints me; always light, delicious, and same consistency with cream cheese and butter frosting - of course without all the unnecessary calories - Easy, healthy, insanely delicious and perfect for summer entertaining.. Hands down, this will be the best gluten free cake you'll ever taste.. Not just gluten free, most importantly guilt free.. 

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                                  HUMMUS & RAW BEET SALAD
                                                                  Makes 4 Servings
                                                                  493 Calories Per Serving

Clean eating 101; you should eat pure, clean, real ( I called grown up ) food -preferably organic and fresh - , and most importantly have to have healthy, protein loaded snacks in between meals for muscle tones and energy levels.. If you're looking for healthy sources of protein in your diet -especially plant based diet -; hummus is a perfect candidate. Easy, loaded with quality / digestible protein and super delicious as long as if made with real ingredients.. Hummus is not just a snack in our diet, I can use it as a base for salads, veggies, pastas and pretty much use with everything.. I like to play with ingredients too, sometimes I use chickpeas, sometimes beans, lentils, beets or any roasted veggies.. For example, last week I've made simple hummus with baby Lima beans then I topped with slow roasted tomatoes and roasted zucchini & asparagus.. It was divine.. Anyway back to this post; for this amazing salad, I used classic chickpea hummus as a bed on one side, and topped with quinoa, whipped labneh + feta mixture, chopped walnuts and spicy + crunchy garbanzo beans, on other side I layered grated carrots, red + yellow beets, avocado and more protein source quail eggs on top of each other.. Of coarse finished with fresh tender greens and eatable flowers.. All the interesting flavors combined beautifully together, and created most delicious, filling salad ever.. OK people, what are you waiting for; go head and make a big batch of creamy silky goodness, and keep it in the fridge for creative dishes..

For recipe please see " veggie dishes " section..

                                                                GF STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE
                                                                Makes 8 Servings
                                                                566 Calories Per Serving

In our home strawberry shortcake has been always a classic sweet for 4th of July.. Of course every year I always change the recipe a bit; sometimes I use sweet juicy peaches, sometimes berries; but always strawberries are the winner.. This year I challenged myself with gluten free dough, and it turned out pretty awesome- worth to be posted- , lightly sweet biscuits layered with light refreshing mascarpone, yogurt and coconut cream frosting, fresh delicious strawberries and drizzled with homemade strawberry + rhubarb compote.. No words can describe this heavenly taste, I think few years from now I'll stick with this recipe.. Please make yourself a big favorite, and skip the store bought biscuits or whipped cream loaded tasteless premade ones..You'll be surprised how easy to make this absolute crowd pleaser treat !! 

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                                          WATERMELON PIZZA
                                                                          Makes 4 Servings

If the temperature reaches over 80 F, that means way too hot for me.. I don't want to cook or eat heavy stuff, than watermelon becomes my best friend. There are many ways to enjoy these nature beauties; my all time favorite will be watermelon salad with avocado, cucumber, tomato and lots of greens.  Recently I'm seeing lots of watermelon pizza on social media, but all of them sweet version with berries and other fruits.. I wanted to create something for everyone, something savory, something sweet; and here is what I did; I cut horizontally 1/2 " thick slices, then topped with my signature mascarpone + coconut cream + strain yogurt ( labneh ) + drop of honey + grated ginger + lemon zest mixture, and finished with avocado, thinly sliced roasted beets, lime infused radish slices, pistachios and fresh berries + cherries.. Really there is no recipe, just be creative, whatever you like go for it, there is no right or wrong in this recipe.. Anddd I have to tell you, you'll be surprised with this amazing flavor combination and super summery light taste.. This is how I summer..

Check "veggie dishes " section..

                                                                SMOKED SALMON VEGGIE FRITTATA
                                                                Makes 8 Servings
                                                                196 Calories Per Serving

Either expecting guest for brunch or just a casual backyard picnic for two; this frittata will perfectly fit in any occasions, deliver so much flavor and taste to the table.. Best of all super easy to put together and there is no rule for ingredients.. This one was made in spring which I used fresh shelled fava beans, asparagus, leeks, spring onion and fingerling potatoes.. You can switch ingredients to whatever season offers freshly. If you have any leftovers ( doubt about it !! ), they stay well in the fridge, and can be eaten warm or cold on next day.. Healthy, nutritious ( loaded with veggies, eggs and wild caught smoked salmon ) and satisfying.. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed..

For recipe please see " breakfast and brunch " section..

                                                    SLOW ROASTED BALSAMIC TOMATO GALETTE
                                                    Makes 8 Servings
                                                    301 Calories Per Serving

When I’m having lots of tomatoes and fresh herbs from garden, everybody – friends, neighbor, family – knows, it’s time for caramelized tomato galette.. This is one of my signature bake good; I saw my foodie friends were fighting over for last pieces, I witnessed endless finger licking and almost begging for more, and whenever I asked friends what they want for pastry, answer is always the same.. Yessss this is soooo good, best of the best, cream de la cream.. Mix variety of tomatoes –usually I used heirloom varieties with sungolds, green zebra and San Marzano- are first seasoned with just a drop of olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, garlic, and sprinkled generously with fresh herbs, then slowly roasted about 1 to 1 ½ hours in the oven until started to caramelized, flavor of tomatoes almost intensified like sweet candy, and finally these delicious tomato gel wrapped into most flavorful almost gluten free crust.. So addictive, delicious, healthy and insanely flavorful..You should try this before tomato seasons ends, guaranteed you'll be obsessed with this flavor, too..

For recipe please see " bakery " section..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                  GF CREPE BREAKFAST ENCHILADAS

                                                             Makes 4 Enchiladas                                                                                                                                                                        430 Calories Per Enchiladas                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       I love Mexican food, but of course not the restaurant style ones, not the cheesy cheese or sauce loaded, sloppy tortilla wrapped ones.. I'm talking about real ones, like homemade, healthy but at the same time super flavorful meals.. Like this gluten free breakfast enchiladas.. They are made with quinoa crepes and stuffed with creamy roasted red pepper hummus, couple tablespoons of quinoa + French green lentil + chick pea mixture - hello to lots of quality protein and fiber -  caramelized onion, balsamic roasted carrots, yellow squash, and feta crumbles.. Yesss why not to get all the season's goodies in one plate plus your daily needs protein + fiber.. If you're working out really hard, you need to get the right food to feed your body and mind.. Clean food, pure food, real food.. This enchiladas can be super energizing breakfast, lunch or dinner, you'll decide when ? Insanely delish, after the first bite you'll start happy dancing around the table, every bite will carry different flavors and taste and directly take you to the taste heaven !!                                                                                                                                            
For recipe please see " veggie dishes " section..


                                                                 GF STONE FRUIT SUMMER CAKE
                                                                 Makes 8 Servings                                                                                                                                                                            338 Calories Per Slice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            What makes this cake superb delicious and decadent ? Let me give you a hint; almond + cherry +plum +white peach +fresh ginger infused honey syrup = tons of flavors.. Gluten free -almond flour and brown rice flour mixture- batter wrap around season's stars sweet fruits, dough is not overly sweet, just provides the perfect complement to the fruits natural sweetness, and fruits give extra softness + moisture into the dough almost create like halva kind a taste.. Other best thing about this cake, you can switch one type of fruit for another.. Ohhh did I mention this cake is healthy  -as can be - guilt free, super light, delicious ( dangerously ) and has only 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup honey ( rest of the sweetness comes from fruits ) and freshly ground almond flour.. Ridiculously tasty, addictive and satisfying.. Summer weekends can not get any sweeter than this..                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For recipe please see " sweets " section..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                CHILLED FRESH CORN KITCHEN SINK SOUP                                                                                                                           Makes 6 Servings                                                                                                                                                                           196 Calories Per Serving                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Every summer, every Saturday religiously I find myself at the farmers market waiting for organic fresh corns to appear. Only two vendors are carrying them, when they show up on their stand, I get too excited and usually buy too many of them- along with everything else-.. No complain, I can use fresh corn in every possible way, in bread, soup, salad, pasta etc.. After getting all the veggies from market, I make a quick weekly meal plan in my head.. Plan is always cook them in two days- when they are still super tender -, and combine them with grains and sea foods in a creative way.. Other big rule in my kitchen, no waste is accepted in fresh produce !! Even smaller amount of veggies or any left overs, always combine into another dish, they got a new life in new recipe.. Like this amazing tasty corn soup.. It has everything you need, sweet juicy fresh corn, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potato, jalapeno, balsamic roasted carrots and onion.. Sweet + spicy, creamy, luxuriously silky smooth, nutritious and healthy. I don't mind hot and humid summer days anymore, as long as this delicious chilled soup in my hands.. Isn't amazing how much nutrition you can get under 200 calories !!  Pure happiness !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For recipe please see " soups " section..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           OVEN BAKED BUCKWHEAT STUFFED PEPPERS                                                                                                                    Makes 9 Peppers                                                                                                                                                                            126 Calories Per Stuffed Pepper                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          OK we're in September already, as summer comes to close, we know we are not going to have fresh juicy tomatoes, corns, beans etc, but we can console ourselves with a whole new crop of my favorite season.. Fall.. What a lovely time, so calm, crisp, quite and beautiful with stunning colors.. Anddd colorful peppers, pumpkins, chestnut, apples, all kind of possibilities.. Today I want to share super delicious, healthy and colorful fall recipe which I've made several times with different ingredients- brown rice, millet, lentil, beans-.. These days I'm trying to use buckwheat little bit more than usual into our diet.. So, these delicious tender peppers stuffed with buckwheat, tomatoes, onion, pine nuts, currants and tons of herbs and greens, finished with roasted garlic tomatoes on their top for killer taste.. Super juicy, tasty, healthy and nutritious.. Just give it a try this amazing dish ones and than you'll thank me later.. LOOK AT THEIR CALORIES !!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              For recipe please see " veggie dishes " section..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                                                     CARAMELIZED PEACH & JALAPENO CORN BREAD                                                                                                                Makes 15 Servings                                                                                                                                                                          109 Calories Per Serving       

We’re having the most beautiful organic corn season this year.. I certainly take advantage of this, and make every possible version of corn dishes.. But over all, we’re insanely obsessed with these moist, sweet and spicy corn bread without any doubt.. It’s a winner, ultimate comfort food.. Who doesn’t love corn bread anyway ? You can guess the flavors from ingredients, classic moist corn bread is twisted with fresh corn + minced broccoli florets + grated zucchini mixture - of course made with just the right amount of oil ( only 3 tablespoons grapeseed oil ) and sugar-, and then topped with jalapeno and caramelized peach slices for killer taste.. You can drizzle honey on top before serving if desired.. I don’t know how you can describe the heaven with words, but this is truly flavor heaven.. Hurry, you have to have it before corn season ends..     

For recipe please see " bakery " section...


                                                                      PASTA-LESS VEGGIE LASAGNA                                                                                                                                               Makes 6 Servings                                                                                                                                                                           405 Calories Per Serving                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I always try to control myself about how much I'm eating carb-loaded things like bread and pasta; eventhough I always make them at home in healthy-ish way.. Of course I'm not talking about cutting the carb completely, all I'm saying just control + aware of it.. Here is a great recipe for step up into your low carb -not diet- lifestyle, it's not just a super delicious opportunity for cutting the carb, also great way to boost your veggie intake-my another obsession-.. I used thinly sliced roasted zucchini and eggplant instead of lasagna sheets, and layered them with other veggies - fresh corn, bell peppers, chard leaves - don't forget your greens !!, heirloom tomato slices and just a right amount of cheese mixture.. This little noodle to veggie replacement can create lower carb + healthy lasagna, but still is the most comforting + crowd pleasing food on your dinner table.. I guaranteed you won't miss the pasta at all.. There is always a better + healthier way to enjoy your food, you just need to switch your mind into that..

For recipe please see " veggie dishes " section..


                                           MASCARPONE CREAM & PISTACHIO PASTE SANDWICH BUTTON COOKIES                                                                    Makes 40 Cookies                                                                                                                                                                          110 Calories Per Cookies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              These are not regular sandwich cookies, NO not even compare with the Oreos.. They are far better than any sandwich cookies you'll ever tasted in your life.. Mascarpone & coconut cream frosting and pistachio paste smashed in between two bite sized lightly sweet sugar cookies, than their edges covered with ground pistachios. Wait we're not done here, there is a secret ingredients to this magical pairing of frosting and cookies; cardamom.. It gives extra delightful flavor into these cute as a button cookies.. One bite or two bites, it's up to you; but for sure they make you happy and dreamy..

For recipe please see "sweets " section..

                                                         CARROT, PUMPKIN AND LEMONGRASS SOUP
                                                         Makes 6 Servings
                                                         157 Calories Per Serving

Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkins.. How many pumpkin recipes are too many ? You know I'm obsessed with all organic veggies and greens, but pumpkins have special place in my heart and tummy.. I won't preach you about how pumpkins are good source of fiber, cancer fighter, immune booster etc., but also they are very low on calories, and it can keep you feeling full for a long time.. This soup is one of our house favorite, sweet + sour, spicy + fruity, crunchy + silky smooth, most importantly so versatile, easy, delicious and beyond comforting.. I know pumpkin season is over, but I'm way behind my posts, and so sorry not sparing time for updating my page regularly.. Right now I don't care about season; and I don't want to keep this amazing recipe just for myself , I want to share with everyone + keep it in my page forever. This is sooooo good, if you have a chance give it a try, guaranteed you'll come back for more..

For recipe please see " soups " section..

                               Makes 10 Slices
                               363 Calories Per Slice

I have only 4 words for you ! HEAVEN. IN. A. PLATE. I've wanted to bake something super special for my birthday.. As you know well; the best past of being food blogger is that you always eat exciting and delicious food, and you become picky eater in a very good way.. Of course worst part will be waiting for tasting until the food photographed the way you like..Overall I found main attraction of food blogging is that functions as a form of what I call " creative production ", a sense of creativity, reflection of an art form.. Like this amazing cheesecake, whole thing was finished in my mind even before start whisking; but nervous thing you'll never know how the finish product looks like.. Luckily it turned out pretty awesome in every way, beyond my imagination.. I've made crust with rolled oat, cashew, and dried cherries; then filling with labneh -drained yogurt -, little bit of cottage cheese, cashew and touch of honey.. After baked, top was covered with fresh blood orange segments, and homemade blood orange gel - which is just blood orange juice and corn starch -, andddddd fun part was the meringue decoration - of course meringue was naturally colored with beet juices and spirulina powder -.. What a strong statement, but it was the best thing I've ever tasted, my best of the best desert recipe ever.. No kidding.. I wonder what am I going to bake for my hubby's birthday ?

Self love is the most important practice that I'm trying for a long time.. Do something nice, special just for yourself is the ultimate way to achieve satisfying, meaningful and joy filled life.. Just a little bit different than every day care.. So if you want to make just one thing for yourself, let it be this cheesecake.. Because you totally deserve it, and if you don't taste this heaven I'll feel so sorry for you..

For recipe please see " sweets " section..

                                                                  HOMEMADE OVEN BAKED SPINACH RAVIOLI
                                                                  Makes 4 Servings

Recipe coming soon !!
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