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                                                      PUMPKIN CUSTARD APPLE MERINGUE ROSE TART
                                                      Makes 10 Slices
                                                      313 Calories Per Serving

How absolutely gorgeous is this tart ? If you are looking for a special treat for your dinner party or cozy brunch, this delicious and decadent apple rose tart is sure to please your guest and will be a conversation piece for the event.. I love my all pies and tarts, because they are designed around health concerns & nutrition: but especially I love this apple meringue tart, because that is not overly sweet -like my other desserts -, and allowing the apples to be really shine..Biscuit-y but definitely not buttery tart shell is blind baked first, than filled with the most delicious pumpkin custard, and decorated with homemade almond paste, meringue drops, and naturally sweet apple slices that are rolled up in a beautiful rose shapes.. As I always say; you don't need to sacrifice from your sweet tooth, if you are careful about how much butter, sugar and flour you're putting in your system.. It's not going to be enough if your treat just looks beautiful, or tastes delicious, it has to be more than that.. I'm not interested with just eye candies; I need to feed my body & soul at the same time respectfully.. Than I enjoy more !! Ohh by the way this tart is a killer !! So delicious, so satisfying, so addictive..

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                          SLOW ROASTED TOMATO & PEPPER SOUP
                                                          Makes 6 Serving
                                                          123 Calories Per Serving

At the mid-October, tomatoes are no longer the stars of the Farmers Market; but I still want to taste their wonderful flavors in every possible way before they disappeared..Caprese salad, bruschetta, stuffed tomatoes, just you'll name it.. But hearty, creamy and rich tomato soup is always on my "must have fall dishes " list.. Especially making this simple soup - really simple, requires only few ingredients - with slowly roasted juicy mix variety tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs, garlic, shallot and alllll their juices creates even richer and slightly sweeter & smokier taste than the old fashion version.. Incredible color, taste, full of flavor, amazing naturally thickened texture and satisfaction.. If you drizzle yogurt or coconut cream on top and serve soup with grilled cheese toast, and more fresh herbs,it will be just heaven.. Vegan, gluten free, but has everything you crave for.. Just saying !!


For recipe please see under " soups "..

                                                       CHESTNUT CREAM STUFFED CHOCOLATE CAKE
                                                       Makes 14 Cakes
                                                       220 Calories Per Sandwich Cake

Eating healthier doesn't mean you're going to give up all the food you love or you'll have to eat boring meals in every single day.. Only making simple substitution in your baking recipes; you can bump up the nutrition and lower the fat and sugar content without sacrificing any flavor.. For example; unsweetened homemade apple sauce can be used as a replace partial or full amount of butter or nicely exchange a place with sugar in 1:1 ratio in any baking recipe.. Milk instead of heavy cream, avocado instead of butter, pumpkin puree instead of butter + sugar, plain yogurt instead of sour cream, and list goes on.. I always welcome occasional treats if made with care.. This way eating healthier can become a real life style not just a seasonal diet.. Every year we eager to celebrate the apple season; and end the season with jars of unsweetened apple sauce.. I can use this precious puree in every bake goods because applesauce gives nice moisture and texture into cakes and breads..OK, lets talk about this amazing chestnut + mascarpone cream stuffed  chocolate ganache sandwich cakes which is made with only 2 tablespoons grapeseed oil + just a right amount of sugar and honey.. Andd loaded with guess what ? Applesauce.. Super moist, not overly sweet but decadent, not oily but still rich and addictive, fun project for kids but still delicious for grown ups.. Lets celebrate the Halloween with this not so scary, actually cute spiders !! Give yourself + kids something good to eat kind a treat with just a little trick !!

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                                        SPAETZLE WITH FALL VEGGIES
                                                                  Makes 4 Servings
                                                                  462 Calories Per Serving

Spaetzle is a famous & special kind of tender German egg noodle that will take only minutes to make but for sure it will make you think about it rest of the time!! You don't need to get a special tool - spaetzle maker- for this recipe; you can use large holes colander instead.. Spaetzle noodles can be dress up just like any other pasta dishes with sauces and veggies, also it can be served plain but why not to get more out of your pasta - all the benefits and nutrition from veggies-.. Combining lots of fall veggies will not just make your spaetzle taste better, they will make it healthier too.. So, my version of spaetzle became addictive wholesome meal; delicious tender noodles joined in the party with coconut milk + pumpkin puree mixture, then combined with Brussel sprouts, chanterelle mushrooms, leek and broccoli florets.. Soft, super tasty, comfort-y, and healthy.. If you haven't tried spaetzle before, then better be ready + prepare your taste buds for this amazing treat..I can not think of better fall meal than this for crispy cool nights !!

For recipe please see under " pasta dishes "..

                                               APPLE & CHESTNUT STUFFED PUMPKIN PANCAKES
                                               Makes 9 Pancakes
                                               180 Calories Per Pancake

These homemade apple sauce, pureed chestnut and cream cheese stuffed pancakes are one of the best breakfast we have had for a while.. What is the big deal about them ? Pancakes are pancakes, right ? No, not all of them are equal.. These fluffy pillows are exceptions; light, soft, flavorful and have all the fall tastes you are craving for.. All the homemade purees and sauces are not just provide the moisture and softness desired, but also a wonderful fall flavors..Homemade pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice flavored batter is combined with season's stars apple sauce, pureed chestnut and Neufchatel cheese, and created the most delicious, decadent breakfast ever ! They are sooooo good for anytime, but especially for Thanksgiving brunch.. You'll be surprised how simple pancakes turn out into mind blowing tasty and addictive meal !! Enjoy !!

For recipe please see under " breakfast and brunch " ..

                                            SKILLET BEAN ENCHILADA WITH ROASTED TOMATILLO SAUCE
                                            Makes 6 Servings
                                            341 Calories Per Serving

Fresh tomatillos are pretty rare + hard to find produce, I don't see them very often elsewhere.. End of the season, when I found them at the farmer's market - yes of course at organic vendor -, I've just started to dream about this healthy Mexican inspire one pan meal with homemade smoky tomatillo sauce.. You know, everything made in one pan means easy preparing, cooking and cleaning.. This simple but nutritious yet meal is loaded with good for you ingredients; tomatillos, green tomatoes, poblano peppers, bell peppers, Brussel sprout, broccoli, lots of greens  - in this case I used tatsoi green for variety eating - and beans.. Then topped with other goodies; like avocados, olives, pickled onions, fresh herb, and lime juice.. Whether you are new to the healthy life style or don't know how to incorporate more veggies and greens into your diet; than this amazing tasty one pan enchilada is just for you !! Super healthy, simple, flavorful weeknight meal - and also makes "die for taste" leftovers for the next day..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                               SOURDOUGH BANANA WALNUT BREAD
Makes 1 - 9" Loaf, About 11 Slices
                                                               245 Calories Per Slice

Before everything gets crazy for Thanksgiving preparation, I've just wanted to post this amazing recipe !! Either you have sourdough starter or not - you can simply add apple sauce instead -; you should definitely give it a try this one.. Just for yourself, just for your sanity.. But I have to warn you, it's a seriously dangerous one, and you'll want to eat the whole loaf by yourself, especially accompanied by cup of tea or coffee.. It would be perfect for Thanksgiving brunch.. Or any morning.. Moist. delicious, rich, super tasty, and healthy - made with all the goodies you need; honey instead of sugar, ancient grain flour and just 2 tablespoons of coconut oil- .. I'm not sure what else to say about it.. The only down side for this recipe is time; you have to be patient for caramelized flavor and sweetness, you need ripen bananas.. I think we can wait for "out of this world " kind a taste..

For recipe please see under " bakery "..

                                                                       VEGETARIAN PASTELON
                                                                       Makes 8 Servings
                                                                       355 Calories Per Serving

OK, Thanksgiving is over, I hope you had a wonderful time with your family while eating healthy pure food.. Now it's time for holiday parties, sweet treats and rich meals.. No need to fear during the happiest season of all.. Here are couple tricks you can use during holiday season which I always do;

-Don't give yourself an excuse to have -every- treats every single day,
-Always a good idea is to " pre-eat " something high on protein, vegetable and fiber, before go to party, so you can keep your focus on company 
-You don't need to eat everything because just people offer to you; you can politely refuse it while making a complement on dish
-Always take your "safe meal" with you when you're going to the house party         
-Instead of pilling your plate with everything from buffet, just pick few foods that give you true satisfaction,
-Most importantly, just put all the negative feelings aside after eating unhealthy foods, give yourself permission to enjoy the couple indulgence guilt-free; but make sure get back on track with your normal eating routine the very next day,

Here is an excellent recipe for your busy days - although ingredients list may seems long, but I'm sure you have most of them in your pantry - Pastelon is a Puerto Rican lasagna, is traditionally made with layers of thinly sliced plantains, ground beef and cheese.. Of course not in my plant based world.. I've just twisted the original recipe  ( actually every family has their own version of Pastelon ) here and there, and made vegetarian version with layers of ripe plantains ( it's important to have very ripen plantains with yellow peel that is mostly covered with black spots ), red bean, mushroom, quinoa, black lentil, firm tofu, olives, almond and just 1/4 cup of grated cheddar.. I can not say how the meat version tastes, but all I can say my vegetarian version is die for.. Sweet and sour, soft and crunchy, satisfying and filling for long hours..Perfect dish for family
gatherings or big parties.. Anddd stay tune for lots of healthy Christmas recipes..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                VEGAN MUSHROOM, RED BEAN & BEET WELLINGTON
                                                Makes 10 Slices
                                                373 Calories Per Slice

This is it ! Ultimate Christmas dish for health nuts, vegans or not ! This flavorful Wellington will definitely good enough to convince you to try vegan diet for the new year ! What a beautiful twist from classic beef Wellington; juicy mushrooms, beet and beans are take the center stage in this amazing dish; center loaf is made with lots of veggies and all combination of Christmas flavors; chestnut, apricot, dried cranberries, sage, cinnamon, nutmeg etc.., than covered with more mushrooms and herbs.. Finally delicious veggie log brushed with yellow mustard + cranberry sauce, herbs , and wrapped into flakey, addictive homemade puff pastry ( kind a ), and turned into amazing conversation dish on the table. I know it will be little time consuming + ingredients list is scary long, but you should make time for your health..'Tis the season, give it a try, you'd be surprised how much you'll love the taste, combination of flavors, and at the same time feel really good about yourself !

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                                    BEST HEALTHY BROWNIES
                                                                    Makes 16 Squares
                                                                    201 Calories Per Square

When I say healthy I meant healthy ! These irresistible squares are gluten free, oil free and low in calories..Nowwwww, I want yo to close your eyes and think about the most decadent, rich, moist and chocolate-y brownies ever, but at the same time it must be healthy- you can never have too much chocolate or butter in a brownie kind a idea is wrong right now, you can just use right amount of chocolate and no butter at all in this recipe, and you'll get all the flavors you are looking for-..Dream came true because these super soft, melt in your mouth brownies are unbelievably good for you; made with almond flour, almond butter, dried dates, applesauce and only 4 ounces of chocolate.. Super simple ingredients join together in a bowl, and turn into most delicious brownies ever ! This is my top secret recipe, never disappoint me, either you have people to impress or you just need a brownie in your life !!

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                         WHOLE BUTTERNUT SQUASH VEGGIE ROAST
                                                         Makes 6 Servings
                                                         282 Calories Per Serving

I know everyone has different level of pressure when we're getting close to the big day.. Last minute shopping, packaging, cooking, baking, hosting, decorating...Plus regular rush, I have so many holiday recipes with so little time ! I'm trying my best to post as many of them as possible before weekend.. If you're looking for new ideas for this year's holiday table, here is a great one.. Gluten + oil free Christmas roast is an amazing colorful and tasty alternative to traditional one, also brings all the Chrismassy flavors while being elegant and of course healthy.. Whole butternut squash is stuffed with buckwheat and millet rice - which flavors enriched with chestnut, onion, dried cranberries, pine nuts and lots of herbs -, garlic-y sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, roasted red bell peppers, big bunch of spinach and homemade cranberry-orange sauce - you're getting this recipe too -. I served this roast with maple syrup + balsamic roasted veggies on side, which you'll find all the details in the recipe..No question, this satisfying and filling roast will be " wow factor " for your holiday table for sure..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                   GARLIC & CHEESE PULL APART CHRISTMAS TREE BREAD
                                                   Makes 17 Buns
                                                   154 Calories Per Bun

If you're looking for something special for your holiday table, no more to search, that's it !! I have a crowd pleaser, festive, party perfect pull apart cheese stuffed garlic-y Christmas tree bread recipe.. I used my old Tangzhong recipe as a base, adapted a bit here and there; first I stuffed these buns with triple cheese mixture, than when they were still hot right after came out of oven, brushed + polished their top with parmesan, garlic & olive oil mixture.. I served these unbelievably tasty pillows with hot pepper sauce, but pesto would do the same job as well.. Shape is not important, you can make any shape you'll like.. But taste.. Uber soft rolls are addictive, fully satisfying, so delicious and everyone loves pulling apart to get another bite with lots of ohhh's and ahhh's.. Fun way to serve your favorite dip as a party appetizers, or taking it to a pot luck party or game day gatherings or simply just for spoiling someone you loved.. You don't need any reason to have it, just get it.. You won't be disappointed..

For recipe please see under " bakery " section..

                                                       BIRCH BARK YULE LOG WITH EDIBLE PINE CONES

                                                       Makes 10-12 Slices
                                                       296 Calories Per Slice

When I was a kid, my mom was always made Yule log during the holiday season.. Many years later now, I still have the same tradition in my house, but every year has a few updates.. It's not complicated or hard to make as it looks.. If you can bake a simple sponge cake, than you can pull off this amazing dessert in no time, I promise.. Once the cake is baked and still warm, it's easily rolled up in a towel, which helps to prevent cracking.. Unroll cake when it's cooled, spread the most delicious custard cream onto surface, and roll up again.. Cut small pieces from each ends + add to create small side branches on the side of the log.. To achieve the birch bark effect, melted white chocolate is spread thinly onto parchment paper, then rolled up and refrigerated. When unrolled the paper, chocolate cracks naturally and turns into realistic birch bark.. Cool effect.. Then you can decorate your log with crumbled spinach cake or ground pistachio + sugar mixture for creating moss effect, fresh rosemary branches for pine effect and sugar coated cranberries and frozen berries for natural effect.. Use your imagination for decorating your log.. This year I added edible almond paste pinecones around the cake, which was a big hit.. So fun to make and eat for sure.. So festive, so addictive, sooooooo delicious..

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                                            APPLE WAFFLES
                                                                            Makes 9 Waffles
                                                                            118 Calories Per Waffle

I love open faced sandwiches for light lunches, especially if made with lots of veggies, proteins and greens that sit on a delicious homemade apple pie spiced apple sauce waffle.. You can serve them with caramelized apple and coconut cream for amazing breakfast or top them whatever you like as a sandwich.. Either way they are loaded with tons of flavor..Super easy to make, right amount of crunch outside but soft inside texture is going to make you come back for more.. Another feel good about yourself kind a recipe for you and your family, hello to new year resolutions.. YES, even the kids are going to be crazy about these waffle sandwiches.. 

For recipe please see under " breakfast and brunch "..

                                                              TARHANA SOUP WITH WINTER VEGGIES
                                                              Makes 6 Servings
                                                              157 Calories Per Serving

I have a super nutritious and delicious traditional Turkish soup mixture recipe that represent Turkey like pizza for Italy.. Although there are many other versions of tarhana soup in Persia, Greece, and Middle Eastern, but Turkish one is very unique with addition of lots of veggies and legumes.. Also different regions of Turkey are having their own unique ingredients and taste,too.. Traditionally tarhana powder / grains prepare in autumn by mixing plain yogurt, flour and grated vegetables like tomato, pepper and onion into a thick paste, than left to ferment for several days onto kitchen cloth.. When it's dry divide up into smaller pieces and crumble into soup powder for winter days.. Probably tarhana is the oldest instant soup mixture that we know, and truly labor of love for sure.. When mixture is on hand soup is easy to make, just mixing small amount of tarhana powder with boiling water, tomato sauce and spices. My version of recipe is completely unique by enriching traditional recipe with addition of variety source of proteins like; garbanzo bean, white bean, red and green lentil, bulgur, rice, semolina, farro, plus greens like; fresh parsley, dill, mint, and celery.. It's not just a soup mixture with grains and legumes, it's also fermented food which boost the immune system + good bacteria in your digestive tract, help weight loss, better skin, IBS.. If you're going to make your own dry tarhana mixture, you'll end up with lots of jars of heaven, which make excellent gift for family and friends.. This gut friendly fermented food is super nutritious, delicious, filling, protein + vitamin loaded, and probiotic.. What else we can expect from one bowl of soup ?

For recipe please see under " soups "...

                                                            DATE, COCONUT & OAT TRUFFLES
                                                            Makes 17 Truffles
                                                            69 Calories Per Truffle

Hey truffle lovers, these homemade truffles are quick, easy and super healthy, and just in time in your hands before Valentine"s Day !!  They're not loaded with chocolate, heavy cream, butter or calorie bomb ingredients like traditional ones.. They are naturally sweetened with dates, and loaded with other goodies, such as rolled oat, coconut flakes, walnuts.. I'm making+keeping these amazing treats around the house as a quick sweet fix; then I can reach and grab couple of them anytime - usually along with cup of hot tea - especially when the late afternoon sweet craving hits..Making these deeply indulgent truffles couldn't be easier than this.. Simply just mixing all the ingredients in a food processor, shaping them into small balls, than coating with beet powder, carob powder, cinnamon, melted dark & white chocolate, and voila you'll have the most delicious and guilt free truffles you'll ever eat.. ENJOY !!

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                       GENERAL TSO STIR FRY TOFU & VEGGIES
                                                       Makes 4 Servings
                                                       311 Calories Per Serving

Happy Chinese New Year to you all !! I want to celebrate pig year with this amazing dish.. Veggie & tofu stir fry is an ultimate comfort food especially when you're making at home for avoiding tons of calories, MSG and other additives without sacrificing flavors.. Actually this one is million times better than any takeout.. Trust me, you will never ever go near by any restaurants after tasting this perfectly balanced sweet, savory and spicy heaven.. Making extra crispy tofu with minimum amount of oil ( of course without deep frying ) is crucial part of the recipe.. When this crispy tofu join with other veggies + simple but delicious stir fry sauce; together they will turn out into unforgettable vegan dish.. Ohhh, did I mention you'll get 20+ grams protein with per serving, and whole thing comes together just in 30 minutes ? Extremely flavorful, addictive, comforting and nutritious.. Maybe just one word can describe better than others, INSANE..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                          ORANGE & TURMERIC CAKE WITH PERSIMMON JELLO & MERINGUE
                                          Makes 10 Slices
                                          417 Calories Per Slice

I think these days everyone knows that stay in and cook a cozy dinner on Valentine's Day is much better option than eating out !! At least for me and for my friends..If you want to make this Valentine's Day unforgettable and very special for your sweetheart, just skip the noisy, overcrowd and careless restaurants and cook up some romance at home.. I will give you some menu and dessert ideas from now on 'till big day..This super moist, flavorful and decadent cake could be an excellent candidate for your special night.. I would say "almost a gluten free cake " because is made with almond flour, tapioca flour and einkorn flour ( easy digestible gluten ), and on healthier  side kind a cake with only 1/4 cup grapeseed oil.. Cake by itself has amazing taste, but when I layered it with meringue + mascarpone + coconut cream + lots of fruit, than topped with persimmon slices +  persimmon jello, and decorated with lemon infused pear slices, pomegranate jewels, and more meringues; OMG !! You wouldn't believe your taste buds !! Great way to crown and ending happily for your fancy dinner.. Just give it a try, you'll thank me later..

For recipe please see under  " sweets " ..

                                                                               ROMANTIC DINNER FOR TWO
                                                                         Makes 2 Servings

I hope you have some special plans for this week..I have to admit I'm not the one who celebrate the Valentine's Day-commercially-, but however I'm the one so excited to host an amazing romantic dinner for two for hubby and me.. Some years for our friends and family.. I've always found our best date night's were when we have cooked for each other at home.. There is something so magical about taking extra time and effort to cook your own creation from scratch in the comfort of your own kitchen.. Like sharing household duties, we share the kitchen duties, too.. Usually under my guidance, we prep veggies together with lots of fun; cooking is completely my department, but dishes are always his.. We call it marriage.. Every year we surprise and spoil each other with unexpecting menus and treats.. But if you're looking for foolproof romantic dinner for two; you can not beat pasta especially when serves in a fancy way.. It's simple to make -although I use homemade tortellini -, but still sophisticated with amazing depth of flavor from roasted and pureed veggies.. This delightful pasta is served on pureed butternut squash and beet bed, garnished with roasted beet, radishes, Brussel sprouts and feta crumbles.. Ohhhh, best part is finished with poached egg on top..Either you're celebrating the V Day or just spoiling yourself and your other half; this is the recipe for success.. Super delicious, flavorful and colorful..

For recipe please see under " pasta dishes "..

                                                                        TWO WAYS CRUFFIN
                                                                        Makes 12 Cruffins
                                                                        188 Calories Per Cruffin

Miracle happens when croissant meets a muffin; cruffin is born deliciously.. It's a very popular hybrid pastry from 2016, basically croissant dough bake in a muffin pan; pastry shape looks like a muffin but tastes like a croissant.. If you have never tried one of these before, here is a chance, run a kitchen and give it a try.. Making these insanely delish pastries are fairly easier than classic croissant; zero folding, absolutely no chilling in between and end up with flakey almost shuttering cruffins.. I've made two amazing version of them; one is plain with homemade wild berry jam, other is palmier shape pistachio + almond frangipane kind.. Both are dangerously delicious, addictive, satisfying, and kind a healthy with only 3 tablespoons butter for all.. I don't know what else to say about them ! Soooooo good !! Go and try..

For recipe please see under " bakery "..

                                                           WHOLE ROASTED SPICY CAULIFLOWER STEAK
                                                           Makes 4 Serving
                                                           90 Calories Per Serving

Here I'm again with ridiculously easy but insanely delicious vegan dish.. Well, if you've never tried whole roasted cauliflower yet, definitely you should soon, because you don't know what are you missing out.. If you think cauliflower has blunt unremarkable taste, think again.. Gorgeously crusted on the outside, tenderly on the inside cauliflower steaks are high on the food fashion now.. You can roast the whole head of cauliflower in many ways; like rubbing with just olive oil, salt + pepper, lemon zest + juice mixture, or mixture of Middle Eastern spices, or you can use bunch of different flavor boosters from pesto to marinara sauce.. Endless taste opportunities are available for this recipe.. For conversational effect, carve whole head at the table, just like a roast.. Especially if you have someone in your life who is struggling to eat enough cauliflower, this recipe is for them.. You won't believe your eyes how whole head of cauliflower will disappear in few minutes from plates.. I usually serve it with grain such as quinoa, millet or buckwheat groats, and variety of veggies, such as radishes, avocado, pickled beet and braised red cabbage etc.. Either way plain or veggies on the side, just delicious, out of this world kind a taste, healthy and nutritious.. You need to taste this one, trust me..


For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                                  FELLAH KOEFTE TTEOKBOKKI
                                                                  Makes 4 Servings
                                                                  429 Calories Per Serving

Tteokbokki is one of the most popular Korean street food in Korea, and traditionally made with sticky chewy rice cakes and seaweed broth.. You know, fermented food, probiotics and seaweeds are rising stars on culinary evolution, and I love them all equally.. Sea vegetables are rich in essential minerals, trace minerals, chlorophyll, iodine, fiber and lots of protein..If you are new to seaweed game, and feeling like eating mud from bottom of the pond, I suggest starting out with less challenging mild ones like kombu or arame.. I'd like to incorporate them into meals in every possible way.. What mostly I love about tteokbokki is umami rich, heart warming, nutritious kombu broth.. This stock is the most important part of the dish.. Since store bought rice cakes could not be an option ( I'm not really big fan of them ) in my kitchen, I've just wanted to combine Middle eastern fellah koefte with this delicious broth.. Actually my version is a great combination of tteokbokki + Chinese glutinous rice dumpling.. Best of the best flavor combinations are in one bowl.. You can have just one bowl and get them all kind a meal.. Kombu broth and koeftes can be made ahead of time-preferably the day before-, and next day you can put together soup in no time.. You can serve this amazing soup with mushrooms, boiled eggs, radishes and baby bok choy.. Perfect for protecting your body from cold winter days.. Filling, satisfying, comforting, healthy and addictive..

For recipe please see under " rice dishes "

                                                         MOROCCAN SNAKE CAKE WITH HOMEMADE PHYLLO

                                                         Makes 8 Servings
                                                         461 Calories Per Slice

Traditionally this amazing snake shape cake is made up layers of phyllo dough wrapped around a sweet almond paste filling, then topped with almonds and dusted generously with powdered sugar. But today I have a savory / veggie loaded version of mine, that is made with homemade phyllo layers stuffed around wild rice, French lentil, leek, carrots, onion, spinach and feta crumbles.. Do not scare from the sounds of homemade phyllo.. No, it is not hard to make, actually quite a bit fun to achieve homemade version with organic ingredients; also wonderful way to wrap up delicious veggies, legumes and rice to create unforgettable dinner with layers of flavors + texture while crunchy on the outside but soft in the middle.. Ohhh, when you cut the cake, you'll get a nice colorful slice from different fillers on each rolls; black from lentil and wild rice, orange from carrots and leek, green from spinach..This is super yummy, nourishing and satisfying - because tastes out of this world -.. Go ahead and try it, you'll be crazy about it.. Just saying..

For recipe please see under " bakery " ..

                                          JIGGLY FLUFFY JAPANESE CHEESECAKE WITH BLOOD ORANGE 
                                          Makes 2 - 6" Cake, About 12 Servings

Meet our new favorite delightful dessert nowadays.. Easy, fluffy, jiggly, melt in your mouth kind a lightness.. Cream cheese and egg yolk batter gently folded into meringue which creates souffle like sponge cake + cheesecake texture and taste that jiggles and amazingly fluffy.. Believe me this is not your granny's cheesecake, not the cheesecake you know - dense and tangy -, nothing like you've ever tried before.. Most importantly it's on the healthier side a cake, not loaded with butter or cream cheese, and lower on the calories.. Couple details are important for the execution.. Cheese, eggs and butter must be at room temperature, but also remember cold eggs are easier to separate.. So separate eggs immediately after taking out from fridge, then let them sit on the counter while you're preparing the pans..In my opinion springform cake pans are not suitable for this one, like most of the other recipes call.. I used 6 inches round 2 cake pans that lightly buttered all over and lined with parchment paper on bottom.. Also water bath is crucial for baking.. Prevent surface cracking and cake deflation; decrease the temperature gradually during baking, and at the end let cakes sit in the oven for 30 minutes while the oven door is just slightly open.. Ahhhhh, if the cakes spend a night in the fridge before serving, taste will be out of this world.. This is a must try recipe.. Trust me, addictive, light, not overly sweet and satisfying in every way.. Especially if enriched by blood orange icing and caramelized blood orange slices on top.. If you just get a bite, second serving is guarantee !! Just pure pleasure !!

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                              BEST FALAFEL BUDDHA BOWL
                                                              Makes 4 Servings
                                                              558 Calories Per Bowl

You know how much I love " one bowl has everything " kind a meal, of course with all the colors in it.. Little bit of purple, red, green, orange.. Little bit of everything, all the nutrition you'll need, all the taste you're craving for..Whatever you call it, Buddha bowl, energy bowl or veggie bowl; there is one thing for sure, they are runner's best friend.. You can make hundreds of different variation of Buddha bowls, but this time mine is loaded with purple carrot bulgur, quick pickled onion, tomato, cucumber, feta, shredded purple cabbage, sprouted mung beans, best chickpea falafels and tahini sauce that's sooooo good you'll want to put it on everything.. All kind of vegetables, fiber and protein rich bulgur, chickpeas and mung beans are not just delicious + extremely satisfying, at the same time super filling, and nutritious.. If you haven't yet started taking advantage of this " one bowl " trend, you're missing out big.. They are quick, uber healthy, and provide all the nutrition for your hard work out or busy day.. What else do we need ? Just give this bowl a chance, you'll be addictive..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                                   CAULIFLOWER CRUST PIZZA
                                                                   Makes 2 - 12" Pizza, 12 Slices
                                                                   27 Calories Per Slice Of Crust

Few years back then after cauliflower became a real star on the food scene; I believe we all are obsessed eating moooore cauliflower every single day; of course with a creative twist.. Today I have the best crispy, tasty, low carb, nutritious cauliflower crust pizza recipe for you that you can make it again and again years to come.. Topping are the easiest part, you can top this delicious crust with whatever your heart desires or your fridge requires..No guilt, no carb, no gluten; but loaded with all the goodies, fiber and protein.. If you're struggling to get your recommended daily veggie servings, than try this recipe A.S.A.P.. You'll be surprised how pizza craving can be healthy + good for you !! There are always healthy alternatives to satisfy your taste buds, just change the way you think !!

For recipe please see under "veggie dishes "..

                                                        RICOTTA GNOCCHI CITRUS BEET SALAD
                                                        Makes 4 Servings
                                                        458 Calories Per Serving

This refreshing and light salad recipe is perfect for summer cookout and easy family dinner, and also best way to use season's delicious veggies, greens and fruits in one meal.. Instead of traditional gnocchi, I've made fluffy ricotta gnocchi which elevated the companion ingredients taste to a new level of sophistication rather than being main ingredient itself .. I've made this amazing salad in early spring, used all kind of citrus together, such as blood orange, grapefruit, mandarin; but pretty much you can use any kind of fruit, whatever available in season.. Yellow and red beets, fruits, nuts, tender mini greens, edible flowers and heavenly ricotta gnocchi create juicy, tasty, filling and exciting -definitely not boring -meal for whole family..

For recipe please see under " salads "...

                                                    SWEET POTATO PITAS WITH VEGAN MEATBALLS

                                                    Makes 6 Pitas, 36 Meatballs
                                                    480 Calories Per Serving With Toppings

There is nothing more delicious than amazingly flavor vegan sweet potato pitas with nutrient packed toppings..These stuffed pitas are our favorite vegan recipe which repeats weekly in our kitchen, of course with different toppings..Here I share you my favorite serving idea for the pitas with super moist and insanely delish vegan meatballs that are made with red beans and quinoa, healthy coleslaw with yogurt and kale + avocado pesto with only 1 teaspoon oil.. You can serve them with endless vegetarian options, like spicy cauliflower wings, falafels, smashed avocados, beans and spicy chick peas... It's easy, healthy, summer-y, light, but packed with all the goodies you need.. Ahhhh, I love summer cooking..

For recipe please see " veggie dishes "..

                                                                        SWEDISH PRINCESS CAKE
                                                                  Makes 6 Cakes

One of the most traditional dessert in Sweden is this insanely delicious dome shape cake that consist of alternating layers of sponge cake, raspberry jam, light cream, thick custard cream and covered with a thick layer of marzipan -of course mine is homemade one-.. This recipe is our house specialty; stunning cake wins everyone's heart at the first bite.. It's eaten during all of the Swedish national holidays, but here in U. S we don't need to find any excuse to eat this amazing cake.. Sooooooo delicious, light, and satisfying, the only problem will be just you can't get enough of it..

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                                         CREAMY CAULIFLOWER DIP
                                                                   Makes 2 - 5 Inches Baking Dish- About 6 Servings
                                                                   96 Calories Per Serving

If you think my cauliflower obsession is faded away, you're so wrong.. I will continue to show you that you can make million different meals with this amazing vegetable..OK, we're officially in tailgating season, that means dip season, and there are only few crowd pleaser appetizer than this hot and creamy dish that you can make in no time. This healthy ( no mayo ) but delicious dip is a absolute winner, and shows no matter how restrictive your diet is you can still make something "out of this world" delicious but healthy meal which everyone will go crazy ..Cauliflower has a creamy texture on its own, but the addition of yogurt, mustard and only 1/2 cup of grated gruyere cheese make this dip incredibly rich, smooth and flavorful.. Just go and try it, you will eat it with spoon, and thank me later !!


For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                                   GARBANZO BEAN COOKIE DOUGH TRUFFLES
                                                                   Makes 20 Truffles
                                                                   126 Calories Per Truffle

I have a super healthy Halloween treat recipe for you guys.. I know from my friends who can't let their kids trick or treat, because of store bought candies, because of allergies, because of this & that.. I love Halloween, and I really scare to lose this tradition..Every year I try to give away something different, but definitely healthy yet treat to my neighbor's kids instead of artificially flavored and colored candies.. Last year, I've made chocolate covered pumpkin praline bars for them.. One of the little girl was so skeptical about the chocolate bar when she heard the " pumpkin " part, I could read all her thoughts in her eyes, but she was so sweet + agreed to try with a small bite.. After got a bite looked up at my face with a big smile, and replied " can I have another one for later ".. This was the reward moment for me and I will never forget.. I know, they can understand and appreciate your hard work.. After all they are the generation of vegan, generation of plant based food movement, and generation of better health.. These unbelievably tasty truffles are great way to treat your neighbors kids or yourself.. Promise you won't taste the garbanzo beans, you'll have just pure creamy cookie dough taste with slightly sweet touch.. While enjoying this moment, you'll get garbanzo beans, oat flour, honey and peanut butter with every bites.. How good is that ?

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                         CRISPY OVEN BAKED TOFU NUGGETS

                                                         Makes 8 Nuggets
                                                         123 Calories Per Nugget

If you're a big fan of chicken nuggets, but some reason-either vegetarian, vegan or trying to avoid chicken meat- you don't want to eat them, then this amazing crispy baked tofu sticks will be your best friend forever.. With any kind of dipping sauce they can be the perfect appetizer for game days, or any time if you want to increase your protein intake in your meal.. If you have leftovers which we never had, just reheat in the oven or microwave.. Couple things you need to know before starting, you have to get extra firm tofu block, slice it and press out as much as water as you can by wrapping tofu slices with paper towel, and place some kind of weight on top - can, heavy pan etc..-, and wait for 30 minutes. Then simply double coat with egg white + corn starch and panko.. Easy, healthy, delicious, crispy, addictive and taste 100 times better than chicken nuggets.. Try it you won't regret..

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "...

                                         CAULIFLOWER RICE & PESTO  CHEESE STUFFED SHELLS
                                         Makes 6 Servings
                                         544 Calories Per Serving

If you are a follower of this blog, then you know I really don't like to use store bought pasta in my recipes. Believe or not this is my first jumbo pasta shell recipe ! For the rainy days, I had this box of jumbo pasta shells sitting on my pantry shelf for a long time, but every time I attempt to use them, other kind of homemade pasta ideas seem better fit for whatever recipe I was creating.. Until now.. This is the right time and place for this jumbo shells.. Especially if they filled with healthy cauliflower rice, homemade mix green pesto and,  just a touch of cheese.. Cauliflower rice seemed perfect candidate for filling instead tons of cheese.. When they mixed with homemade pesto and ricotta + mozzarella mixture, created most creamy pasta filling ever..This way, when you're getting & enjoying carb from pasta, at the same time eating your daily dose vegetables, too.. Still satisfying, uber delicious, filling.. Easy and HEALTHY !! WAIT !! You didn't get the best part yet.. You can prepare this dish in advance, keep it fully assembled in the fridge, and bake it before serving !! Just do it !!

For recipe please see under " pasta dishes "..

                                                                           CAULIFLOWER BAGEL
                                                                           Makes 5 Bagels
                                                                           84 Calories Per Bagel

OK, I promise this will be the last cauliflower recipe- for a while- .. But I can not help it, when I see the colorful florets at the farmers market, I have to have them.. Another promise; you will never look at cauliflower same again after this low carb bagel recipe.. Because of cauliflower rice is just a blank canvas, pretty much tasteless; so you'll build up the flavors with whatever you're adding in.. That's easy.. All you need is a donut pan, or if you don't mind their shapes, you can shape them with your hands.. These bagels are low on the carbs, without sacrificing taste and flavors.. You can top them with mashed avocados or cream cheese, pickled cucumber, smoked salmon and runny eggs or whatever your heart desires.. Endless flavors, all are delicious, guilt free and healthy !! Just let you know, everything toppings make bagels insanely addictive..


For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..


                            Makes 8 Servings
                            375 Calories Per Serving

This super moist gluten free cake is the perfect treat for fall season.. For me, there is only one way to enjoy occasional indulgence; making unhealthy things a bit healthier.. Like this cake; all the traditional ingredients substitute with good ones; sweet potato, applesauce, almond flour, coconut sugar and just 2 tablespoons of coconut oil ( thanks to sweet potatoes creamy texture and our best friend applesauce to save our fat allowance for something else).. Also you don't need to sacrifice on the cream cheese frosting, because made with cashew, more sweet potatoes, coconut cream and honey.. I guaranteed you won't able to taste the sweet potatoes in this rich & decadent cake. .Instead you'll be surprised how it can be fudge-y almost chocolate-y inside and addictively delicious outside.. It's unbelievably tasty, moist, packed with goodies, and it couldn't be easier..It's made of one batter with simple ingredients.. All you need is whisk & a bowl - yes, no mixer needed-.. Again my mission is accomplished here, cake can be delicious yet healthy..

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                                        Makes 8 Servings
                                                                        524 Calories Per Serving

When the temperature drops around 50 F degrees, comfort food rules at our home, and you know  that kind of days,there is nothing better than a big bowl of hearth warming chili that has been serving with a side of corn bread.. Unless,  if you can make both at once, pie style.. A big bowl of chili and corn bread bake together in one skillet.. Easy preparing, easy cleaning, yet delicious eating.. Also I'm begging you not to use store bought corn bread mixture.. Preparing corn bread from scratch is easier than you think.. Just trust me.. You won't need to get all those unknown ingredients, preserves and hidden sugar.. You can put this super yummy comfort food on the table less than 45 minutes.. Pure veggie delight crowned with addictive corn bread taste.. Perfect for crisp fall nights..What else we'll need to get ready for weather transformation ?

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                    GLUTEN FREE PUMPKIN SNICKERDOODLE COOKIES
                                                    Makes 16 Cookies
                                                    166 Calories Per Cookie

These Snickerdoodles are not your granny's cookies.. They're exactly the same cookies -taste and flavor- as you know but made with a healthy twist.. It's a dangerous territory calling the recipe "the best " or " perfect ", but I'm telling you they are truly the best you'll ever had..They are made with oat and almond flour, homemade pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spices, only 4 tablespoons of coconut oil and just enough sugar to achieve" die for taste".. There is no cream of tartar, no full stick of butter, no cups of sugar instead these soft pillows are gluten free, guilt free, low on calories but still bursting with lots of pumpkin-y cinnamon-y flavors.. Cozy, comforting and soooooooo good.. The only thing you'll be regret why you didn't have the recipe before.. What are you waiting for? Before missing the pumpkin season, let's get baking..

For recipe please see under "sweets "..

                                                          PESTO CAULIFLOWER GRIT WITH TOFU TIKKA SKEWER
                                                     Makes 4 Servings
                                                     463 Calories Per Serving

Raise your hand if you want healthy wholesome, veggie - packed, protein loaded, nourishing bowl that has everything you need for daily.. Comfort food made with low carb, low calorie & healthier creamy cauliflower, enriched with pesto and crispy spicy garbanzo beans, than crowned with most delicious tofu + veggie skewer.. How is that sound to you ? You won't believe how easy to substitute more nutritious ingredients into your meal with just a little creativity.. Even you can substitute cauliflower with broccoli and make broccoli grit instead.. Either one works well in this recipe.. Remember there are always healthier, nutritious + delicious ways to re-create your favorite food.. And now, who is worrying about getting 20 grams of protein, nine essential amino acids, dietary fiber, portion of veggies, greens, and legumes in one meal ? 

For recipe please see under " veggie dishes "..

                                                           CHERRY, ALMOND & CHEESE DANISH
                                                           Makes 16 Slices
                                                           289 Calories Per Slice

Now close your eyes and think about flaky but not so buttery delicious pastry filled with sweet, sticky, cheesy cherry almond mixture, then glazed lightly with sugar icing.. If that doesn't sound mouth watering for you, what else could it be? Everything about this pastry is decadent and delightful.. Although Danish sound more likely a breakfast treat - especially wonderful for holiday brunches -, but there is no rules saying that you can not serve them anytime whenever you want to spoil yourself with goodies..I used my signature homemade puff pastry recipe for the dough, but I have to warn you about long and a bit complicated process with lots of details; kneading, rolling, folding, chilling.. If you don't want to deal with this hassle and bustle, you can always buy puff pastry from groceries-which I never recommend it, because of all the chemicals, preserves and additives plus tons of butter - When you have this beautiful dough in your hand, rest is going to be super easy.. Just mixing cream cheese with powdered sugar, lemon zest, drop of vanilla extract, then spreading onto center + finishing with juicy fresh cherries ( cherry filling can be substituted with raspberry, blackberry or blueberry ), chopped almonds, and bake for perfection.. VOILA !! It's insanely soft, creamy, delicious pastry is uber good, dare yourself to stop eating.. You know, even the best bakery's Danish will never taste as fresh + delicious as one you've baked yourself..

For recipe please see under " sweets " ..

                                                             BEST BAKED PUMPKIN DONUTS WITH MAPLE GLAZING
                                                        Makes 18 Mini Donuts
                                                        159 Calories Per Donut

Fall is arrived gorgeously here at Midwest, I mean in every way; colorful leaves, crisp but comfortable days, amazing fall produces.. But beyond that, fall is always " rush, rush, rush " season for me, I think for everyone.. It's like a quite, calm period before the baking + cooking extravaganza starts.. I'm already overwhelmed so many fall inspired recipes on my " to make " list right now, and also so many seasonal recipes are waiting to be posted as well.. This is the reason why I posted two " sweet recipes " back to back.. Normally I always try to mix sour and sweet recipes equally, but right now so little time so many recipes.. OK, back to these out of world taste mini donuts.. All the cooking sites are loaded with pumpkin spiced sweets and breads nowadays, but how healthy are they ? Do we need to get tons of butter and sugar with this indulgence ? Or simply we can bake - not FRIED - something with real ingredients; homemade pumpkin puree, freshly ground homemade pumpkin spice, only 2 tablespoons oil and 1/2 cup brown sugar, and plus they simply look adorable, taste amazing and make you feel guilt free.. I have two tricks for you to make them without any worries.. If you are using mini donut pans, fill the cavities by using Ziploc bag - simply piping the batter into pan - This way donuts look clean and neat.. Second trick, do not bake them longer; make the finger test - simply touch the surface, if donuts are bouncing back that means they are ready.. You can coat them with cinnamon-sugar mixture or maple glazing, choice is yours but you must have either hot cup of tea + coffee or cold glass of milk on hand.. So addictive super moist almost melt in your mouth kind a taste can make you come back for one more..

For recipe please see under " sweets "..

                                                                   GARLIC NAAN BREAD
                                                                   Makes 8 Flatbread
                                                                   199 Calories Per Naan

What is comfort food for you ? For me baked goods, homemade pasta, homemade sourdough bread, my granny's cookies and list goes on.. The reason my list is so long, because I grew up in a family where we made everything from scratch.. Everything was tasted out of this world, because, maybe that food has sentimental value and related to childhood + homemade cooking, maybe contents high percentage of carb or maybe made with lots of love + prepared especially just for you.. Like this naan bread; if you've ever tried to buy naan at groceries or restaurants, you may have notice that is not the same naan when you make it at home from scratch.. Plus getting many unknown ingredients, additives, etc.. As I always say, even if you're searching for your childhood taste, your comfort moment; please don't just eat for taste buds or for only 6 inches long part of digestive system -which is mouth to esophagus, where the digestion starts first -.. But when you swallow, what happens ?? You eat something you like because of the taste, than body starts to process breaking each bites into carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.. Rest of the digestive system doesn't care about the taste, only look for valuable nutrition.. If you eat something that your body can not process correctly, then free radicals take the stage.. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying eat tasteless, unpleasant food; comfort taste can meet with health easily if made it consciously, then miracle happens, suddenly every food turns into comfort food.. Moral of the story; eat real food with fresh, organic, pure ingredients that your body can recognize + digest it, not fight with it.. That way you can save the energy for fighting with real disease.. Anyway, back to this amazing naan bread.. Did I tell you this is a super simple recipe that anyone can make it ?? Soft, chewy, flavorful, fluffy and so delicious, exactly like the one you remember from your childhood.. Garlic naan can go with almost anything, delicious as just a side or appetizer + snack with guacamole and other dips, but irresistible when serve with Indian or Asian foods.. Best part, you can store them in a airtight container on the counter for up to 5 days, if they last that long.. I doubt it !!

For recipe please see under " bakery "..

                                           BAKED HOMEMADE PUMPKIN GNOCCHI WITH TOMATO & SPINACH SAUCE
                                           Makes 6 Servings
                                           360 Calories Per Serving

Since we're into pumpkin season, you know how I'm totally obsessed with all the pumpkin recipes.. Pumpkin chickpea curry, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin mac and cheese, pumpkin bread, pumpkin donut... Fall is the season any giving time, I always have a big batch of homemade pumpkin puree on my hand to use for creative weeknight dinners.. Simple ingredients especially homemade pumpkin puree make this gnocchi so delicious, moist and slightly sweet but also healthy.. You can't actually taste the pumpkin- much like you can't taste potato in classic potato gnocchi - , but you know it's there...If you just put the freshly mashed pumpkin puree onto paper towel lined colander for 5 to 10 minutes; it will help to remove some moisture from puree and reduces the amount of flour you'll use for gnocchi..As for the sauce..Tomato and spinach sauce is completely another story, takes gnocchi to irresistible level.. Pisssst, best part they freeze great for future use.. You don't need to thaw frozen gnocchi, just cook into boiling water like the fresh ones about 2 minutes or they start to float on surface. Immediately add cooked gnocchi into tomato sauce, top with just a bit mozzarella slices and broil until bubbly and brown.. Then enjoy + listen to ahhh ohhhh sounds from the table.. Sooooo delicious..

For recipe please see under " pasta dishes "..

                          Makes 20 Meatballs, 4 Servings
                          407 Calories - 5 Meatballs With Sauce

Hey everybody, finally I'm back.. I know you were wondering what's going on here ?? There are no colorful + fun Christmas recipes, no updating for awhile, no news at all.. I apologize for any inconvenience, especially during holiday season.. But besides busying with traveling, baking, packaging during this amazing time of the year, also I'm crazy busy with my website that desperately needs facelift / updating !! You know it's not a easy thing to do if you're transferring 1000's recipes one site to another.. Hours + hours of labor of love.. We're getting there slowly -way too slowly -but surely.. Hopefully after New Year, you'll see beautiful, user friendly, clean cut looking page in here.. Soooo excited.. Anyway, shall we back to this amazing weeknight dinner recipe ?? These comforting plant based "meatless" meatballs are not your typical meals.. They're saucy, flavorful and the sticky, sweet and spicy sauce is kind a crazy addictive..I've served them over mashed mixture of potato + parsley root and Ethiopian kale, than topped with sauteed mushrooms, spicy garbanzo beans and fresh greens.. INSANE..If you're in a hurry, you can serve them over steamed rice or just with green salad..Either way, you'll have unforgettable, nutritious, healthy, filling and super delicious dinner for any night of the week.... Just put the Christmas movie on the screen, and enjoy the perfect night in !!

I'm wishing happy, healthy and safe holiday season to you all !!

For recipe please see under  "veggie dishes "..

                                                               CHECKER CHOCOLATE CAKE
                                                               Makes 10 Slices

Recipe coming soon !!
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