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healthy tres leches Mexican cake sweet Easter brunch Mother's Day bakery rustic


Makes 12 Slices

652 Calories Per Slice

This " out of this world " taste classic Mexican cake will bring lots of joy in your self quarantine days .. Aren't we all need it right now ? Just a little joy.. Also Easter is around the corner, and Mother's Day is coming soon.. We all can use a good cake recipe for these days.. And believe me, there is no better cake recipe than this delicious one.. Tres leeches literally means "three milks ", because traditionally making with mixture of evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk and whole milk.. Of course in my world those processed milks don't even exist, instead of those I used whole milk, can coconut milk and drinkable coconut milk for lighter and healthier result.. 



Makes 4 Servings

308 Calories Per Serving

There was the homemade naan veggie + bean wrap; I made for lunch yesterday, and most delicious but healthy yet energy bar for snacking on the afternoon.. Thin crepe veggie loaded enchiladas that topped with fried eggs for Sunday brunch, and boiled edamame for snacking in between meals.. So on... Kitchen is the busiest place in our home these days, every one of us trying to cook something to feed the crowd.. When I'm talking with friends and family, hearing so many kitchen failures but so many trials + achievements, too.. Some trying to extreme, like sourdough bread; some staying in the safe zone; but we all are doing just fine, trying our best to get through this difficult time.. Cooking nutritious food what you've got in your hands is challenging, but it can make all the

healthy rice pudding Turkish low calorie sweet comfort recipe easy wholesome


Makes 7 Puddings

350 Calories Per Pudding

New normal in our life now; social distancing at least 6 feet apart from others, doing grocery shopping in awkward times, not touching envelops, parcels or anything from out world + disinfecting everything we touch, so on... Maybe those practices were sound crazy month ago, but right now necessary.. But all those craziness not prevent us to hold some old habits, heart warming old stuff, like good old recipes.. This rice pudding recipe is my family heirloom, my grandma was making these silky smooth puddings to feed the whole gang; kids, grandkids.. After she passed away, my mom took her place and spoiled us with this.. Now this is my turn to take the torch from generations.. I really don't want to lose this recipe; because so easy, so luxuriously creamy, so silky, so comforting and satisfying.. And all you need is only 

healthy Buddha bowl recipe dinner vegetarian vegan nutritious low calorie vegetables


Makes 4 Bowls

534 Calories Per Bowl

Today I have a super delicious, nutritious and filling energy bowl recipe for you guys.. Whatever you call it; Buddha bowl, poke bowl, energy bowl, veggie bowl.. It's actually kind a kitchen sink bowl.. That what we need in these days, right ? There is no room for wasting anything especially food.. I'm sure you are having lots of left overs from the day before or abundance amount of vegetables in your hand + don't decide what to do with them.. You're not alone on this one.. My easy solution? Roasting all the veggies then put them 

healthy low fat low calorie cookie Italian treat sweet chocolate


Makes 22 Sandwich Cookies

128 Calories Per Cookie Sandwich

It's really difficult to decide what is appropriate to share right now.. Not long, only couple weeks ago, everything seemed so normal, we were doing the things we normally do; without thinking.. Going job, spending hours at gym, enjoying tea breaks in between, chit chatting with friends, so on.. Now, life is changed in a virus storm.. Totally upside down, but only one thing remains the same, what are we going to eat ? So, I feel responsible to share healthy, immune protective veggie loaded recipes here more than ever.. You know immune system is crucial point in this war, stay home, stay calm, be positive, take vitamin C, get daily home and outside - in the wood not in a crowd- exercise, eat 

healthy vegan vegetarian plant based soup low calorie comfort recipe


Makes 6 Servings

266 Calories Per Serving

It's still cold and rainy here in Midwest.. Surely warming foods are the only good things in these days for our body and soul.. This real immune booster soup was designed to keep you healthy, warm and satisfying as well. Also there is no better way to use stock- up dried beans than this; time to make them work hard for you.. Soup is loaded with leek, carrots, homemade tomato sauce, white bean

healthy pierogi homemade dumpling easy dinner freezer friendly plant based scratch


Makes 68 Pierogi, 8 Servings

535 Calories Per Serving With Garnishing

Coronavirus.. Fear, stress, uncertainty, isolation..It's certainly been a stressful week for all of us here in U. S. There is a lot going on right now.. In this tough time family is everyone's priority, and serving nutritious + delicious food is one of the best way to keep ourself healthy and happy.. When I'm faced with stressful situations, cooking and baking are the only things soothes and meditate me; kind a isolation from hustle and bustle of the outside world.. I know you all will cook + bake some freezer friendly recipes in the coming weeks while we're all in social distancing mode and spending more time at home.. And also aren't we all stock up all the dried goods, long lasting root veggies and fruits ?Let's bring some calmness in our life and make these pierogi for sanity.. Believe me, nothing makes you feel quite relax and accomplished as enjoying a bowl of handmade dumplings that you kneaded, rolled and shaped from scratch.. Pierogi were originally from 

healthy chocolate babka sweet homemade baking  scratch Easter brunch


Makes 6 Buns, 12 Servings

376 Calories Per Serving

If you feel like "eating healthy" is a big sacrifice and you can't wait until this torture is over; then you'll never be able to achieve to reach your goal, and will find yourself binging on sugar loaded food the first chance you get.. Healthy eating is a way of living, true life style that connects with other components.. Instead cutting all the comfort food you love, try to make them healthy but still tasty.. Make sure eating your comfort food occasionally, not every week.. It must be kind a reward for behaving good for whole time. Especially stressful days like we're living in right now -dealing social isolation and fighting with deadly virus- make us more vulnerable for sugar and fat loaded food; like 



Makes 4 Servings

766 Calories Per Serving

If you love fish and potatoes, why not to combine them to make this amazing Michelin star quality meal at home ? Potato wrapped fish is pretty basic recipe which you can find anywhere.. Before I created this "mind blowingly tasty" dish, I was thinking how to elevate the flavors of this simple beauty while combining with other veggies -lots of veggies -and sauce.. You know, simple sauteed leek or spinach would not be enough to satisfy my humble taste buds.. I started combining roasted red beet, garlic, leek and celery, and made the tastiest companion ever.. Then I combined steamed sweet potatoes with roasted garlic, and bunch of spices, made the best sweet potato puree ever..Those two "best of the best" veggie purees created the nest for potato wrapped fish, then I added  

healthy Japanese pancake homemade plant based breakfast souffle scratch rustic Easter brunch


Makes 6 Pancakes

112 Calories Per Pancake without Toppings

If you are like me enjoying to try different pancake recipes, stop searching now, because this is it.. This will be the best + fluffiest pancake you'll ever eat in your lifetime.. They are actually more of a cake than " pan ", pillowy, super soft and souffle kind a texture will satisfy any food critics.. These pancakes are all about the eggs, because egg yolks and egg whites are separated + egg whites are beaten to hold the stiff peaks -like 

healthy chocolate Easter brunch dessert plant based cake homemade  low calorie


Makes 10 Slices

495 Calories Per Slice

I have a better version of turtle cheesecake recipe for you guys today.. Lighter, tastier, creamier and for sure healthier version.. I don't know why it took me a while to come around to this crunchy outside, creamy inside decadent chocolate dessert..It’s our favorite treat now..This indulgent triple layered heaven sat on my signature healthy + nutritious nut, oat & dried fruit base, then layered with coffee, cacao, cinnamon and carob powder for richness.. Three layers, tons of flavors, die for taste.. Do you want to bet, I dare you not to eat every last crumb of this cheesecake, if you can

healthy vegan vegetarian plant based burger low calorie farm fresh scratch dinner


Makes 8 Burgers

413 Calories Per Serving With Tofu And Stir Fried Veggies

When I say veggie loaded burger, I mean it.. That means you're getting tons of veggies, beans, fibers and protein with one patty, and best of all each patty has only 165 calories... Plus I've served vegan patties without bun, but with crispy tofu + stir fried veggies- yes more veggies like purple cabbage, carrot, red bell pepper-  and eggs.. I have to warn you, this is not an " impossible burger " nor imitation for a meat burger..Really no reason for imitation anything, because these veggie burgers are delicious as is, and 100 % better than them.. 

healthy vegan tahini vegetarian plant base homemade easy recipe bread


Makes 24 Twists

178 Calories Per Twist

These irresistible tahini walnut stuffed twisted sticks will be the best thing in your life.. Believe me, take my word seriously.. When slightly sweet yeasted dough filled with nutty flavor tahini and crunchy sweet walnut & poppy seed; that means a party.. Real party.. Flavor party in your mouth.. I'd like to corporate tahini- sesame paste -into any sweet or savory dishes as much as I can, because it's not just extremely nutritious and delicious addition into anything, at the same time great source of calcium which makes tahini excellent candidate for replacement of cheese and other dairy products.. 

healthy plant based vegetarian pasta dinner Italian dumpling low calorie


Makes 6 Servings With 5 Dumplings

607 Calories Per Serving

Culurgiones are traditional ravioli - fat dough parcels traditionally stuffed generously with creamy mashed potato and mint- that are true gifts to us from the island of Sardinia, Italy. Their names refer to the  “little bundles” of joy, and indeed, these chubby immense flavor packed dough pouches are sealed with skill craftsman and patience. These gorgeously pleated little dumplings look like a spike of wheat - a grain that’s been grown in Sardinia for almost 10,000 years-  that shows gratitude + celebration at the end of the wheat harvest..Often they're served on their own with a splash of olive oil, and grated Parmigiano Reggiano or with a simple tomato sauce.. But you know me, I can not have pasta if not loaded with veggies and greens..

pumpkin bread healthy bake goods low carb weight loss vegetarian plant based


Makes 16 Slices


This is my absolute favorite pumpkin bread recipe, because each slice is incredibly moist, super tasteful and packed with pumpkin pie spices, pureed pumpkin and apple flavors. But wait; the best part is topping.. Cream cheese + peanut butter frosting and juicy ginger poached pears.. I'm telling you, this pumpkin bread is not your grannies bread, something else; you've never tasted before.. Yes, it's that good.. Besides this unbelievable bread, I want to talk with you about my thoughts on 2020 food trends..

healthy vegan vegetarian low carb Chinese recipe homemade dinner rolls plant based


Make 12 Rolls

129 Calories Per Roll

Chinese spring rolls ( sometimes called egg rolls )are always welcome in my home, either for celebration of Chinese New Year ( because of their shape looks like gold bar, they represent wealth and prosperity ) or any occasions or no occasions at all.. Because simply they are perfect companion with soup, salad or any dipping sauce.. Rolls are amazingly light and almost " shatteringly crisp " especially when wrapped with homemade skin and baked in the oven. 

healthy vegan plantbased vegetarian taco easy recipe low calorie lose weight dinner


Makes 8 Tacos

378 Calories Per Taco

Sit tight guys, today I have big bold flavors + veggie loaded taco recipe for you !! So flavorful and tasty, bite after bite your taste buds are going to spoil with tons of texture and flavors that make you start to dance around the dinner table.. You know it will be a " happy dance ".. All flavor combination is uber good, you won't decide which part of the taco is your favorite one; crispy outside tender inside addictive oven baked sweet and sour cauliflower or homemade white bean hummus or spicy roasted mushrooms + peppers or quick pickled veggies.. All the above..



Makes 4 Servings

242 Calories With Toppings

Dutch baby pancakes are most often served as a sweet treat with fresh berries, apple slices, and powdered sugar; but why we’re limiting this amazing tasty dish to that.. They easily could be savory delicious brunch favorite, lunch side or Sunday supper.. Simplicity of a Dutch baby is just ridiculous.. Simple but sophisticated, earthy but addictive..